Healthy Snacks You Can Make At Home 3

Healthy Snacks You Can Make At Home 3

Maple Sesame Almonds

Once again we come back to nuts and it’s because there are so many different types of nuts that are great for making into foods that you can eat on the go, mainly as a replacement for all of those unhealthy snack foods that you are probably used to eating. Many people really love these maple sesame almonds because they are both vegan and gluten free, not to mention that they taste great as well.

Almonds are full of essential oils and nutrients that will keep your body going throughout the day. Of course these nuts are sweetened with some maple syrup and coconut sugar, both of which are far healthier alternatives to normal sugar, plus maple always tastes great. All you need to do to make these nuts is to get some almonds, cover them in some maple syrup and a little bit of coconut sugar, spice them with salt, and cover with sesame seeds. Here is the recipe for these maple sesame almonds.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds may not be full of that many nutrients and vitamins, however they are great for filling up your tummy and are fantastic because they contain pretty much zero calories, sugar, and fat. They make for a great snack when you are on the go. These oven roasted pumpkin seeds are very easy to make and even better is the fact that they are salty and spicy in one. Simply get some pumpkin seeds, baste them with some olive oil, and season them with sriracha sauce or hot sauce, salt, pepper, and turmeric. If you want to make them yourself the recipe is right here.

Breakfast Trail Mix

This is a great snack to have with you when you are on the go and it’s fantastic for fueling up before you go out for a run. This trail mix consists of multi grain cheerios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried blueberries, and chocolate covered coffee beans. This snack is great because it is loaded with complex carbohydrates so it will give you energy for a long day. Moreover this snack is fantastic because it doesn’t require any work and all you have to do is to mix them together and enjoy. The recipe is right here.


Snacking doesn’t have to make you fat, but that doesn’t mean it can’t taste good either. All of the snacks we have listed here are both very healthy for you and they taste amazing too. Against all popular knowledge, salty and sweet foods don’t need to be unhealthy. All of the things we have listed here are easy to make at home by yourself and won’t cost you a fortune like other health foods do. Whether it’s our breakfast trail mix, the maple sesame almonds, or the cheesy kale chips, there is a healthy snack out there that you will love.


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