HCG Diet – Our Personal Experience

HCG Diet – Our Personal Experience

If you are researching the HCG diet, perhaps our personal experience will aid you in making an informed decision on whether or not it is the diet for you.

The HCG diet, as with any diet, has its believers and its skeptics. The fact is, a person can do research for a long time and will still be battling the pros and cons of trying the HCG diet. Perhaps our personal experience will shed some perspective on the controversial nature of this diet.

About HCG

The human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet uses naturally made capsules from sterile cells to imitate the HCG hormone produced by the placenta in pregnant women which controls the metabolic function of the hypothalamus. The purpose of the capsules in the diet is to reset the metabolic rate of the hypothalamus for weight loss and stability. If you are unfamiliar with the HCG diet, there is a site which claims to be the largest source of HCG diet information which will help familiarize you with what the diet is all about.

Personal Experience with the HCG Diet

My husband and I decided to go on the HCG diet which involved taking HCG capsules and going on a 500 calorie diet. Admittedly, we were not sure how we would survive on only 500 calories per day.

We began by eating whatever we wanted for a week before starting the HCG pills. This was to provide a cushion to get us through the required 30 days of the diet. On day one and two, we took two pills in the morning and two pills in the evening and continued eating whatever we wished as per the instructions. On the third day, our calorie intake dropped to 500 calories and we continued with the pills, twice a day, for the remaining 28 days.

Our diet consisted of an orange, apple, or one-half of a grapefruit with two hard Italian breadsticks in the morning. Lunch was 100 grams of fish, chicken, steak or shrimp with a handful of a vegetable such as tomato, radishes, celery, or asparagus. The afternoon snack was the same as the morning snack with a fruit and two breadsticks. The last meal of the day was just like lunch, though it was required that we not eat the same meat or vegetable as we had earlier in the day. We drank as much coffee, tea and water as we liked.

Hunger Pains

Though the instructions stated we would not experience much hunger if we ate whatever we wanted a week before beginning the pills, this did not prove completely true for us. There were times in the first two weeks of the HCG diet plan that we felt extremely weak. When this happened, we made an executive decision and ate an extra portion of meat and a bit more vegetables at one of the meals in the day. This did not seem to affect the weight loss at all. We continued to lose weight even making these variations in the HCG diet.

Our Personal Results from the HCG Diet

My husband was able to see the results daily on the bathroom scale. I, on the other hand, was not losing a pound a day as my husband was, but I was seeing a change in my stomach area where women tend to expand. It seemed as though my body was using up any stores of fat and my stomach was diminishing.

After 30 days, my husband lost a total of 21 pounds and I lost 13 pounds, however, I went from using the second holes in my belt to using the seventh holes which meant I had lost a lot of body fat.

The Final Three Weeks

Once we were done taking the pills, we could eat whatever we wanted for three weeks as long as it did not contain starch or sugar as this was the time for the weight to stabilize. After the three weeks, we could eat whatever we wanted, making sure to weigh ourselves each morning.

Craving Changes

My husband and I were both heavy bread eaters and also drank our share of soda pop. The bread craving and the need for pop, for both of us, no longer exists. Instead, if we want carbonation, we drink carbonated water and the Italian breadsticks became a snack habit.

Our Personal Consensus on the HCG Diet

We are healthy people with no health problems to speak of, so we felt the HCG diet was worth trying. We lost weight and inches and gained a new respect for how and what we eat. This diet may not be for everyone but, personally, I will not hesitate to do it again to lose another 10 pounds or more. It worked for us and our belief is that losing weight is never a negative thing if you need to lose it. We are no worse the wear for having given the HCG diet a chance with a bit of our own modification.

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