Great Low Impact Exercises

Great Low Impact Exercises

Low impact exercise programs are great for people who are very new to exercising, are obese, or have pain due to injury or other conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis. Low impact means that your joints, bones, and muscles won’t take nearly as much damage during exercise. And if you are wondering whether these exercises can help you lose weight, then the answer is a definite yes.

For an exercise to be low impact it has to mean that one of your feet is always on the ground, or that you are being supported by a machine or even water. There are many different things that you can do which qualify as low impact. Remember, these workouts don’t stress out your joints as much, but they can still be quite difficult. There are some exercises that you should avoid, and those things are running, jumping, jump rope, plyometrics, and anything else than has you jumping.

The exercises that are talked about here are all low impact, and they are ranked by how many calories that you will burn while doing them. This is based off of a 30 minute exercise time and it is actually meant for women. There are a few things that will affect how many calories you burn, and those things include gender, weight, and the intensity level of the exercise in question. Here are the low impact exercises that you can do to lose weight, burn calories, build muscle, and keep your joints healthy.

The Kettlebell

This exercise is by far the best low impact workout that you can do to lose weight. If you do a kettlebell routine for half an hour you will burn 600 calories; that’s a lot! These are simple weights that are pretty much just big balls with a handle, and they look like a kettle as the name implies. They are excellent because they are actually quite heavy and engage so many different muscles that they are considered to be weight training and cardio at the same time. If you have never used a kettlebell before you may want to take some classes to learn the proper forms and techniques to each specific exercise. There are a variety of exercises that you can do with this piece of equipment, and with it you can train virtually your whole body without injuring your joints.


Swimming is another fantastic low impact exercise for you to be doing, and if you swim laps for 30 minutes straight, you can burn up to 363 calories. Some of the strokes you can do that will train your legs, back, shoulders, pectorals, and arms to be stronger and last longer. If you are worried about too many people seeing you in a bathing suit, try going early in the morning or later at night to swim your laps, and if you have sensitive eyes you may want to wear goggles to keep your eyes from burning. Another thing the water does really well is cool you down, and that’s something that will make you work out harder thanks to the fact that you won’t even realize how hot the exercise is making you!



Boxing Classes

Another great way to keep fit and also keep your joints safe is by taking some boxing classes. You don’t have to fret though, you can just take classes; you don’t actually have to fight people. In a traditional 30 minute boxing class session you will burn roughly 290 calories. Boxing classes are fantastic because you have to hit a punching bag, do shadow boxing, sit ups, push ups, wall sits, and several other low impact exercises too. One thing to keep in mind is to skip the exercises that involve high impact movements such as jumping jacks and skipping rope.

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