Great Low Impact Exercises 2

Great Low Impact Exercises 2

The Rowing Machine


The next great exercise for your health and for your joints is rowing. The rowing machine can help you burn 281 calories in 30 minutes of rowing. Rowing is great for both your cardiovascular system as well as a whole range of muscles. It’s also great because you change the resistance on the rowing machine which will increase how many calories you burn If you are new to rowing then start by doing it for 10 minutes at a time, and then once you feel that it’s getting too easy, you can increase the resistance and go for 15 minutes. Do this all the way up until you can do 30 minutes all at once.



A Circuit Routine

A circuit routine is really fantastic because you can design it yourself; simply put, it’s a little array of exercises that you can choose yourself to suit your needs and do a few laps so to speak. Just choose a few different exercises that are low impact such as the kettlebell, some weights, and anything else that you see fit, and do a certain amount of repetitions of each of them in a row. Once you can easily do one circuit you can up the ante and try doing 2 rounds of your circuit routine. Doing your circuit routine for 30 minutes straight can help you burn up to 265 calories.


Cycling is fantastic for so many reasons, one of those of course being your health! Cycling is a great low impact exercise that works out your cardiovascular system and keeps your heart lungs in top shape. Not only that but cycling does of course also increase leg and core strength as well. If you like Mother Nature you can go cycling outside and enjoy the fresh air while you work out. However, if you would rather take a spinning class, which is just a fancy word for a cycling on a stationary bike, then you can do that too. Some people like spinning class because there is a social aspect to it; working out with other people is much more fun and motivating too. Cycling or taking a spinning class for 30 minutes will help you burn an average of 238 calories.



The Elliptical Machine

These machines are really fantastic because they combine the elements of running and stair climbing while actually being low impact as well. Doing it for just 30 minutes will result in you burning just over 230 calories. The reason for this being that an elliptical machine or stair climber as some people call them, move your legs in an oval like fashion. Many of these work out machines also have handles for you to hold on to that move back and forth as you do your exercising. This ensures that your work out stays low impact and will train virtually your whole body at the same time.


Rollerblading is not just exercising because it’s actually really fun too, not to mention that it’s something that you can do with your friends. In just half an hour of rollerblading you can burn as much as 231 calories. if you are new to rollerblading you can start by doing it in shorter intervals and slowly work your way up to 30 minutes, maybe even longer. Always remember to be safe when rollerblading and be aware of your surroundings, also wear the proper safety gear like helmets and knee/elbow pads. Once rollerblading on a flat surface gets too easy you can always try rollerblading uphill, or just simply pushing yourself by going faster.


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