Great Cross-Training Exercises For Runners 2

Great Cross-Training Exercises For Runners 2

This is really important because runners tend to have much stronger hamstring muscles, therefore training the quadriceps means that your muscles will be better balance. Remember that muscle balance is really important for avoiding injury.


These exercises are great because they are very high intensity and involve a lot of explosiveness, and that means that your muscles are a getting a huge workout. Plyometrics can include things like jumping, bounding, and jumping high up onto a box. These exercises are meant for more advanced and conditioned runners that already have significant strength and stamina. Plyometrics are great for improving strength, speed, agility, the range of motion, and even for push-offs and stride length. You need to be a somewhat advanced runner because these exercises are very high impact, and landing the wrong way can cause serious injury.


Walking is indeed a great cross training activity for runners because it targets many of the same muscles while also being low impact and healthy for the joints too. Walking is great because you can do it pretty much anywhere you go, and it doesn’t require any equipment either. Using a great walk is good way to work up to your big run, and it’s great for cooling down as well. Remember to walk at a decent pace in order to give your cardiovascular system a workout too. If walking is too easy, then you can try jogging or pumping your arms in order to burn some more calories.

Cross-training Activities that Enhance Running

Cross-training exercises that enhance your running are activities that use your muscles, joints, and connective tissues in much the same way as when you run. The good part about these exercises is that they are low impact so they are much better for your joints. These are great exercises for when you are injured and are looking to recover but still get some exercise. These cross-training exercises are also great for preventing injuries too!

Running in Water

Running in water is also known as deep water running or pool running, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The way to perform deep water running is to put on a flotation device that will keep most of your body pout of the water while also keeping your legs off of the bottom of the pool. This is a great exercise in terms of cross training because it is much like running without the horrible high impact movements that can cause injury to your legs. Not only is it great for your joints, but it is also quite hard das well, because the water adds a lot of resistance to your running. You can do this is any kind of water such as a pool or a lake too, of course, that does mean that you need to have access to some kind of deep water.


Elliptical Machine

This is a great way to cross-train for running because it is much like the motion of running, but once again, it isn’t high impact so it’s good for your joints. The elliptical machine is not just good for the legs either, it’s also great for your vore musles, and if you hold on to the arm levers as you go, it will train your arms really well too which is great for becoming a more efficient running machine.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is great for your hips, quadriceps, your core, and for your upper body as well, and it can even help increase your running economy, meaning that your muscles require less oxygen to do the same amount of work. If you don’t have snow where you live, or it’s not winter, then you can use a Nordic Track machine. This activity uses very many calories and thus is great for your cardiovascular system, your weight loss goals, and for building strength in your core and legs too.

Remember that your cross-training routine should never replace your actual running schedule, and of course running more is the best way to get better at running. However, there are days where you shouldn’t run, not to mention it’s important to train your other muscles too; cross-training is perfect!

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