Give Your Kids Chocolate Milk to Boost Brain Power

Give Your Kids Chocolate Milk to Boost Brain Power

Could there be a link between milk consumption and becoming a Nobel Prize winner? According to a “Practical Neurology” article, there is.

Kids always ask for a drink of chocolate milk. It might be a good idea for adults to do the same. According to the article, drinking milk and chocolate increased the success of certain countries in producing Nobel Prize winners.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a research in 2012, which showed the correlation of a nation’s chocolate consumption per capita to their number of Nobel Prize winners. Scientists say that this phenomenon may be attributed to the ability of flavonoids to boost brain power. Chocolates are rich in flavonoids.

Considering the fact that milk and chocolate are frequently taken in combination, the author that published the study in Practical Neurology made a comparison of the milk consumption of several countries to the number of winners in the country receiving the Nobel Prize.

Higher Milk Consumption, More Nobel Prize Winners

Based on the data taken from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, Sweden was number one in the per capita milk consumption worldwide. It consumed 340 kilograms or 750 pounds of milk per year. Then, there are 33 Nobel Prize winners in the country for its 10 million population.

Next to Sweden is Switzerland with an average of 300 kilograms or 661 pounds milk consumption per year. Then, there are 32 Nobel Prize winners from the country.

At the bottom of the list is China with the lowest milk consumption per capita. It consumed 25 kilograms or 55 pounds of milk per year and had the fewest Nobel Prize laureates produced.

The United States consumes 250 kilograms or 551 pounds of milk per year with 10 Nobel Prize laureates for every 10 million population. Canada drinks 207 kilograms or 456 pounds of milk each year with 6 Nobel Prize winners per capita.

Milk-Chocolate Synergy

The study author commented that in addition to the brain-boosting power of flavonoids in chocolate, the high concentration of vitamin D in milk may have also contributed to improved brain development.

Now, if you or your children are looking to win a Nobel Prize, take advantage of the positive synergy of milk and hot chocolate. Drinking more chocolate milk might be best for a dose of brain power everyday.

Photo credits: By KAZ Vorpal via Flickr, CC by 2.0

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