Getting Past Workout Excuses 2

Getting Past Workout Excuses 2

My Travel Plans Get In The Way

Many people say that they don’t have time for exercise because of their intense travel schedule, but the reality of the matter is that many, if not all hotels, have some kind of gym that you can exercise in. Even if the hotel that you are staying at has no gym, you can always go to the reception and ask where the nearest gym is, or even ask for a good path to go on a walk or jog. Another thing that you can do is to pack a travel size yoga mat, which will allow you to exercise in your hotel room. Other things you can pack to take with you are things like skipping ropes and resistance bands; they’re light and easy to travel with, but also provide for a great workout. You can always use your hotel TV to access workout videos, or you can use your computer to do the same too.

The Gym Is Too Far Away

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to workout because you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. You can use things like the internet, Netflix, or even local TV channels to access video workouts that you can do in your living room. There aare also many different workout DVD’s that you can purchase or even take out of your local library for not cost at all. Working out at home may not seem like all that much fun, but the upside is that you can listen to music or even watch your favorite movie while exercising. Just because you don’t go to the gym doesn’t mean that you can’t get great exercise either. There are a wide number of workouts that you can do at home or at a park close to your home including things like pushups, sit-ups, strength training, skipping rope, and much more. Even working around the house and doing chores can provide you with some much needed exercise.

With So Little Time, Family and Friends Seem Much More Important Than Exercise

Exercise isn’t the only thing that it takes to stay healthy, friends and family are very important too. Having great friends is really important to your overall mental health. One of the reasons as to why having friends is so important because having someone to workout with is a great way to improve your chances of losing weight. It’s a lot easier to stay motivated when you have a buddy to workout with. One of the best things that you and your friends can do is to start a workout club; staying motivated is a lot easier done when you’re with others. Something else that you can do to stay motivated and to keep your whole family healthy is to exercise as a family group. You and your family can do things like going to the community pool or even go for a hike followed by a nice healthy picnic. A great part about this is that you will also encourage your children to stay healthy by helping them build a solid exercise routine too!