Germs at The Gym 2

Germs at The Gym 2

The Water Fountains


It is really disgusting to think that water fountains are as dirty as they are, but recent studies have confirmed that some water fountains contain more bacteria than your average toilet, and that’s because they are always wet or damp, and bacteria love that kind of environment. It’s really gross to think that a place where you put your mouth is as dirty as or even dirtier than something you sit on with your behind to do your business.

The basin of the fountain definitely has some bacteria in it, that’s just unavoidable, but the handle and the mouthpiece of the fountain are most likely contaminated as well. People have dirty hands when they touch the button to release the water, and many people will touch the fountain head with their mouths when drinking; it’s a recipe for disaster.

If you are going to drink from a public fountain at the gym, be sure to only touch the handle and nothing else. Also, be sure to never make contact to the spigot with your mouth. As well, always let the water run for a few seconds before drinking to let any contaminants wash away before you begin gulping down that ice cold water. Your best bet by far is of course to bring your own water bottle and drink from that.



The Shower And The Locker Room

When it comes down to it, locker rooms ,and especially the showers in your local gym are probably by far the most disgusting feature of the whole ordeal, and they harbour the most viruses and bacteria of all the places you could step foot in. The reason that bacteria love locker rooms and showers is because it’s always hot, damp, and humid in there, and as mentioned before, that’s what bacteria need to multiply.

Showers can put you at risk of getting multiple different skin infections, warts, strep throat, athlete’s foot and other fungi, ringworm, and even MRSA, which is Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or in other words, Staph infection.

A good tip that you can follow to avoid getting sick from the gym shower is to always wear sandals or flip flops when walking around the locker room or taking a shower. Some good footwear will keep you from sleeping and will keep those nasty germs away from your feet. Also, when you do shower at the gym, try to bring antibacterial soap to use, as that will kill many of the germs around you.

Another good precaution to take is to always wear a towel around your mid-section if you’re going to be sitting in the sauna. Finally, you always want to thoroughly dry your feet after showering too. By far, the best way to avoid the nasty shower germs in your gym is to just not shower until you get home; I’m not sure about you, but I would way rather shower in the comfort of my own home anyway.


The Yoga Mat

Just think about it, those yoga mats are used by dozens or maybe even hundreds of people throughout the course of any given week. People use them for all sorts of sweat inducing exercises, and yes, for yoga too. That’s the sweat, germs, and bacteria of hundreds of different people getting absorbed into that yoga mat that you are now doing your sit-ups on. This is especially the case when you have to deal with those rude, inconsiderate, and downright nasty people that simply refuse to wipe down the mats after use.

The best way to avoid getting sick from the yoga mats is to bring your own, and make sure that nobody else touches it. Yet, if you must use the yoga mats provided by the gym, also use the wipes and antibacterial sprays they provide to spray down and wipe the mats before and after your plan to use them. Another good way to avoid those nasty hot yoga mat germs is to put a towel, your own towel from home, in between yourself and the yoga mat.

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