Forskolin Slim Review – Effective or Just Another Scam?

Forskolin Slim Review – Effective or Just Another Scam?


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Have you heard of Forskolin?

It’s a new dietary supplement out in the market that has become popular like Garcinia cambogia. If you’ve been dieting and exercising without seeing the results you really want, using this Forskolin supplement may be the answer.

Forskolin is an herbal root extract belonging to the mint family, Coleus Forskohlii, found growing in India, Thailand and Nepal. It has been used in traditional Asian medicine for treating different health conditions including asthma, glaucoma and cardiomyopathy. It has also been used for boosting weight loss and building muscles.

One of the top brands of forskolin supplement is Forskolin Slim.  Read on and you’ll find out more about this brand of supplement including its pros and cons.

How Forskolin Slim Works?

The company claims that Forskolin Slim works in three ways: it dissolves or melts body fat; blocks the formation of new fat; and preserves lean muscle while getting rid of the fat.

Forskolin Slim is a dietary supplement that only contains the purest extract of forskolin. The reason why this supplement is very effective in helping users to lose 10 or 20 pounds is because it stimulates the body to produce enzymes and hormones including cyclic Adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), kinase and hormone sensitive lipase, which is  responsible for burning body fat.

Cyclic AMP performs many functions in the body. One of which is stimulate the thyroid hormone to burn fat into energy and keep the liver from producing new fat. In other words, it tells the body not to store fat and melt the fat deposits faster. It helps increase metabolism and boost your energy levels throughout the day.

cAMP helps to relax blood vessels and promote healthy contraction of the heart muscle, which is good for the heart. It also boosts testosterone levels, which helps in protein synthesis and building lean muscles.


What are the benefits of taking Forskolin Slim?

Makers of this product claim the following benefits after taking Forskolin Slim within just a few days or weeks:

  • It helps with steadily losing weight and be slim;
  • It burns body fat and controls formation of new ones;
  • It improves levels of energy and mood the entire day;
  • It helps suppress appetite by making you feel fuller;
  • It improves cholesterol and blood pressure levels;
  • It helps to relax and sleep better.

How do you consume Forskolin Slim?

Based on studies, the recommended dosage for obesity is 250 mg of 10% forskolin extract two times a day for 12 weeks. If you’re not obese and just want to lose some weight, you can take less of this dosage. For many users, the ideal dosage is 50 to 60 mg daily.

Forskolin Slim’s formula contains 125 mg of 20% forskolin extract per capsule.  So, obese people can take 2 capsules every day, while others can take 1 capsule a day preferably at night in order to see it take effect — burn fat and lose weight.

Is it Safe to Take Forskolin Slim?

If you want to try this product, you should know that it is quite safe. Since it’s natural and without added artificial fillers, binders or chemicals, there are no alarming side effects. Reported side effects during clinical studies are mild in nature. Some experienced coughing, shaking, restlessness and upper respiratory tract irritation when inhaled. Others had headache, increased heart rate and low blood pressure.

Certain people should not take this dietary product. Pregnant mothers should not take this as forskolin has been found to induce menstruation. Nursing mothers and people below 18 years old should not take this as well because of lack of testing.

If you’re suffering from any illness, consult your doctor first before taking this product or any other dietary supplement.  People with polycystic kidney disease should totally avoid Forskolin. People taking medications like blood thinners and high blood pressure drugs should not take this supplement.

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What Consumers are Saying

People saw different effects after consuming the supplement. Many saw amazing weight loss results in a matter of days or weeks after intake. Don’t expect to lose weight overnight. If you do not see the desired results right away, there’s no reason to panic. You may need to give it some time to see it work for you.

Why Purchase Forskolin Slim instead of other brands?

Forskolin Slim claims to be a high quality product made of 20% pure extract of Coleus Forskohlii. It is manufactured in a facility in the US that follows GMP standards. It uses a patented process of hydraulic extraction, which ensures manufacture of products with the purest ingredients for maximum efficacy for weight loss.

The company is 100% confident about the quality of their product and is offering 30-day money back guarantee.

Where to Get Forskolin Slim?

You can buy Forskolin Slim from the company’s website. Beware of third-party retailers. This product is a very high demand product and some sellers take advantage of it by offering free trials. Don’t be scammed as many have reported to have been ripped of their money.

The company does not offer free trials but does give good pricing deals. Just be sure to buy from a verified seller and you’ll have nothing to worry about the quality of the product or losing money.




If you’ve been looking for an effective diet supplement to help you lose weight, you need to try this product.

It has received many amazing reviews of weight loss from many consumers. But beware of buying the product from unverified sources. Be sure to buy the genuine Forskolin Slim here. You can be sure to receive a quality product at the most competitive pricing.



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