Is Fat Good or Bad For You?

Is Fat Good or Bad For You?

Is saturated fat really bad for your health? In the 1980s and 1990s, people have been warned against eating fat. That’s the reason for the popularity of low fat products and low fat diet.

But things have changed recently. Research studies now contradict that fact about fat. Apparently, there’s a report that the sugar industry paid researchers to say that sugar is good and fat is bad to heart health.

So, what should we believe regarding this discussion?

Contradicting What is Taught About Fat

Researchers are continuing their studies regarding both sugar and fat. But, the reality is, more studies are giving us reason to believe that fat is not really the culprit in our diet as we used to know.

It’s been years since many people have shunned fat, but the result has not been really impressive. The incidence of heart disease still continues to increase. Many still have big waistlines despite the increase in consumption of low fat foods. Health experts have not seen the significant statistical results they are hoping for.

Fat Can Be Good for You

This is what a Norwegian study suggests. What is the explanation behind this study? Can such a contradicting result be really true?

The researchers followed a carefully designed methodology in the study. Unlike in previous studies wherein subjects were just given high fat diets, this time they were specifically given high fat diets that included unprocessed or lowly processed fatty foods, like butter, cold pressed oil and cream. At the same time, they were given whole grains and vegetables. They were strictly not given any food made with white flour and sugar.

After some time, the subjects taking a high fat diet were compared to those on a high carb diet. The former showed a reduction in fat storage and lower risk for heart disease, even if their total calorie intake increased.

This study is showing us the importance of the overall composition of a diet and lifestyle factors. It is not proper to single out nutrients. It may mean more income for some, but giving inaccurate information does not really help the public.

Fat intake surely influences cholesterol levels and other measurable signs of cardiovascular disease, but it’s not the only factor. Sugar consumption, genetics, total calorie intake and lifestyle factors (stress, smoking, exercise) all affect these numbers.

Don’t give misleading information by saying that fat is the only factor that increases risks for heart disease. Saturated fat actually helps in lowering blood cholesterol. Try eating these foods with saturated fat, such as meat and dairy products, to see the difference.

Most people want a simple explanation as much as possible. But not all things can be explained in simple terms. Just like in the area of healthy diet, it’s not just about excluding fat. There’s more to it than just fat.

So, it’s time to think about your diet. Don’t just rule out spreading butter on your bread. Think if it is really healthy or not. Healthy fats actually do good for our health.

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