Exercising your Hip Flexors 2

Exercising your Hip Flexors 2

Stretches For Your Hip Flexor Muscles


Seated Butterfly Stretch – This is a simple stretch that you can do in order to stretch out your inner thighs, hips, and your lower back.

Pigeon Pose– This stretch may have a very weird name, but it is actually very effective at keeping your hip flexor muscles healthy; it’s a great pose inspired by yoga, and it helps stretch the muscles on the back of the legs (hamstrings).

Weighted Hip Extension – This is a great exercise to do because it stretches and lengthens both the glutes and the hip flexors (people with tight hip flexors will also generally have tight glutes).

Bridges – This is another great exercise because it not only stretches the hip flexors, it also strengthens the core strength of your body as well.

Strength Training Exercises For Your Hip Flexors


These are strength training exercises for your hip flexors, but what should be noted is that if you have tight hip flexors, these exercises may be difficult to do, if not just dangerous. Before beginning hip flexor strengthening exercises it is wise to engage in the hip flexor stretching exercises, because doing weight and strength training with tight hip flexors can cause injury due to the repeated motions. That being said, the following exercises are great for gaining more stamina and power in your hips.

Runner’s Lunges – This is a great lower body strengthening exercise that simply involves lunging forward with one leg. It’s a great exercise because it strengthens multiple muscles in the legs, especially the hips.

Balancing Hip Flexion – This exercise is great because it strengthens both your hips and your glutes, not only that, but it also helps strengthen your core as well due to the fact that it takes a fair amount of balance to execute this exercise.

Skater Squats – You can do this exercise with a chair if you need help with balancing. That being said, they can be done anywhere and at any time, and they are great for all of your hip flexor muscles.

The Pendulum – This exercise is fantastic for your core and for your hip flexors. This is a slightly more advanced exercise, so being by going slow with a limited range of motion, and then slowly work your way up in difficulty.

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