Exercise Tips For Strong Bones

Exercise Tips For Strong Bones

It’s obvious that your body needs regular exercise to stay healthy, and the same is true for your muscles and your organs. However that is also the case for your bones. Regular exercise will make sure that you don’t develop bone problems in the future, and if you already have certain problems like osteoporosis, it will help keep them under control. You can’t do just any workout for your bones though, you need to follow a specific approach. You need to follow an approach that makes you lift weight, or in other words you need to perform load-bearing exercises. Also, you need to perform high intensity load bearing exercises, and you need to perform a variety of them. Finally, these exercises need to be enjoyable and give you the desired results as well

Now that you know the principle, you may be asking yourself how much of these exercises you need to do, and how much load and intensity are really necessary. Or, if you already have a bone disease, then you may be wondering how much is too much, and you may be worried about causing further damage. The first thing to knowing what exercises to do is knowing how exercise can affect your bones. When you look through a microscope your bones look like the pieces of wood that hole up your home. They aren’t dead though, bones are biologically active and they respond to exercise the same way that your bones do. The more exercise you put your bones through, the stronger they will get.

The Building Of Bones

Bones are made of cells that die and get replaced just like everything else in your body. Some of the cells in your body are called osteoblasts, the function of which is to replace dead bone cells and keep your bones strong. These cells are put into action when your muscles pull on them through regular movement. When you are more active your osteoblasts are more active, and the long term result is a denser and stronger bone. If you neglect exercising and stressing out your osteoblasts, then your bones will lose density over time. This process of making your bones stronger by hurting them first is exactly the same as with your bones. Your muscles need to be constantly challenged to be strengthened and the same is true of your osteoblasts. And just like your muscles you need to change the intensity and the exercise that you do to keep them stimulated.

How To Build Your Bones
There are certain exercise that you can do to keep your bones strong and keep your osteoblasts working. You should also consider the extent of bone damage you already have and if you have any bone disease. You should always talk to your doctor first to see if it is appropriate to exercise and how much exercise you should be doing.

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