Everything You Need To Know About Foam Rollers. Part 3

Relief Of Foot Pain

Foot pain is something that many of us experience on a daily basis and it can be a truly debilitating symptom of life. People who are most likely to experience foot pain are those that work on their feet all day as well as people that do a lot of running. This is especially so if you are on your feet all day and don’t have good shoes which provide the proper arch support that your feet need to stay pain free. This pain is most often felt in your arches, your soles, and even in your calves too.

A good foam roller can help you relieve that horrible foot pain at the end of the day by providing a good massage.

The way to use a foam roller in order to relieve foot pain is to place it on the ground and roll the arches of your feet over it while applying a fair amount of pressure. You need to apply a good amount of pressure because the point is to stretch out your arches and your soles to get rid of the pain.

If standing on it with one foot is not doing it for you, you can always find something like a bar or counter top to support yourself with and stand on it with both feet. This will put all of your body weight on to your arches and onto the foam roller, thus giving you maximum pain relief.

The Massage Without The Price

One of the biggest benefits of having a foam roller is that you can get a fully body massage for a fraction of the price. A professional massage gets very expensive and you have to pay for every single session. On the other hand a foam roller doesn’t cost very much and can give you as many massages as you are able to take.

The Relief Of Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by many different things and that includes spending all day standing on your feet, sitting at a desk all day, and of course exercising too. One of the exercises that causes the most back pain is of course lifting weights, especially when you do it with improper form. Having improper form when weight lifting is very dangerous and cause some pretty serious back injuries to anyone that doesn’t do it right.

A foam roller is great for relieving back pain because it goes a long way in stretching out the joints, ligaments, and muscles when rolling over it. You don’t need to get an expensive massage and you don’t need a friend to crack your back, something which can also cause damage by the way, when you have a great foam roller. Stretching your back over a foam roller helps to encourage the proper arch that your back is supposed to have and will help increase mobility and get rid of that horrible pain that leaves you lying in bed at night unable to sleep.

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