Everything You Need To Know About Foam Rollers. Part 4

Everything You Need To Know About Foam Rollers. Part 4

Pre & Post Workout Stretching

One of the most important things to do both before and after exercising is to stretch out your muscles. Working out with cold and tight muscles is very dangerous because it may result in a pulled muscle or even worse, therefore it is essential to warm them up first through some simple stretching. The same can be said for after your workout because if you keep going with your daily routine without stretching post workout it may cause injury, stiffness, and will slow down your rate of recovery.

A good foam roller stretching routine will help to stretch out your muscles and get them ready for a strenuous exercise routine. Also a foam roller stretches out your muscles much better than doing it with your own weight. You can use a foam roller to stretch out your arms, legs, core, and back before and after any workout to increase your exercise results and decrease your chances of suffering short and long term injuries.

Combatting Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is a natural occurring chemical that is produced by your muscles when they get tired. You probably know the feeling of lactic acid because it is that burning sensation that you get when you’ve lifted too many weights or have run way too far. Yes feeling that burning sensation in your muscles means that you are doing something right because it only occurs when you exercise for a prolonged amount of time, but feeling that burn also means that you won’t be able to work out for much longer, thus decreasing your chances at achieving your workout goals.

Not only does using a foam roller before exercising stretch out your muscles, but it also helps to combat the production of lactic acid while working out. Less lactic acid means in your body that your muscles won’t burn as much after just a little bit of working out. Ultimately that means being able to work out for a much longer time, thus assisting in your weight loss and muscle gain goals.

More Effective Stretching

A foam roller is also a great tool to have around the home because not only does it help you stretch, but it actually helps you stretch better than anything else can. Just imagine sitting down and having your legs straight in front of you. When you try to touch your toes your hamstrings stretch. Well when you have a foam roller under your feet you touching your toes will be more of a stretch than ever before. Therefore a foam roller can really help to increase your flexibility.


As you can see there are a great number of benefits that come along with getting yourself a good quality foam roller and we would definitely recommend getting one as soon as you can.

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