Energy Levels And Exercise 2

Energy Levels And Exercise 2

If you find yourself without enough energy to get through your planned workout routine, then it may be because you haven’t been sleeping enough. What’s funny is that getting more exercise will help you sleep more, longer, and deeper, so it’s kind of a 2 way road. Better sleep means being able to exercise more, and exercising more means getting a better sleep.


Always Have A Plan

It’s much easier to find the time, energy, and motivation to work out if you have a solid plan in mind. It actually helps to write these goals and planned workout times down on paper because it’s a constant reminder of what you should be doing, and it’s a lot harder to ignore it if it’s constantly in your face. Another reason that planning a specific time to work out each day will help you find the necessary energy and motivation is because humans are creatures of habit.

People don’t like surprises and the human body doesn’t like doing things that it is not used to. Therefore, having a plan and getting into a solid routine will help your body adjust to daily physical activity. After a few weeks or even just a few days your body will adjust to exercising on a daily basis, so much so that you will actually feel bad or just not feel right if you miss the workout.


Get Creative and Do Exercises That Your Like

Another one of the main reasons as to why people lack the energy and motivation to work out on a daily basis is because they find it a boring and horrible way to spend their time. Many people just don’t like to do certain physical activities because they are boring, and they would much rather be doing something else. The elliptical machine, the treadmill, and the stationary bike can all be very boring, and not to mention lifting weights, that can be a downright nightmare for some.

The trick to getting over this boredom and the hate of certain exercises is to preoccupy yourself when doing them. It’s a great idea to listen to your favourite music or even watch some television as you exercise, and that’s something that you can do at home or at the gym too. Another really great way to make your workout a little less boring and painful is by finding a good workout buddy. Working out alone is never fun, and having somebody with you is very motivating to do more, not to mention that you have someone to talk to as well. Also, try doing different exercises and try new things too, because you never know how much you will like something unless you try it. There is a type of exercise out there that everyone will enjoy!



Lack of Iron

Iron isn’t only a really strong metal, it’s also a mineral that is essential for the proper function of your body, and moreover it’s really important for maintaining energy. This is because iron is a mineral that helps your body carry oxygen to your muscles, and if you don’t have enough iron, then your muscles won’t get the required amount of oxygen needed to sustain any kind of physical activity.

Therefore, if you feel like you never have enough energy and you feel as though just a few minutes of physical activity completely tires you out, then you may not be eating enough foods with iron in them, that or you may actually have an iron deficiency. If you think that you may have an iron deficiency, you should go to a doctor to get yourself tested. If you do have a deficiency, then the doctor can prescribe iron supplements. Other ways to get enough iron in your system include eating foods like red meat, fortified cereals, and many different leafy greens like spinach and kale. On a side note, too much iron can actually be dangerous, so if you’re taking supplements be careful not to take more than the recommended dosage.

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