Encouraging Kids To Be Active and Fit

Encouraging Kids To Be Active and Fit

Adults are mostly well informed about the proper ways of keeping healthy and fit. But kids need the guidance of adults especially their parents.

Now, it’s wrong to think that because they’re JUST kids, it is okay to take their health lightly. If health is important to adults, the same is true for kids. Therefore, they should take the same care as adults when dealing about their health.

Giving them healthy foods including green veggies and fresh fruits is not enough though to ensure their good health. Kids should be physically active.

Many kids nowadays are stuck at home playing with their gadgets. This is most likely one of the reasons for the increasing number of sedentary and obese kids.

What can parents do to promote physical activity to their kids?

Play sports with them or encourage doing physical activities

It’s time for your kids to put aside the gameboys and computer games. You should spend some time out as well and take them to the park or somewhere they can play cricket, basketball or baseball. Let them play whatever sport that interests them.

It will be a great time of bonding between parents and kids. At the same time, both will have the opportunity to worn on being fit. Breathing some fresh air can help relieve anxiety and stress. Sports activities can give the needed stretch to those muscles and burn calories.

Be active in other ways. Not all kids like to play sports. Find out what are the hobbies and interests of your kids. Then, think of ways to incorporate healthy and active living into those things.

Your child may like to dance. If so, encourage him/her to do so. If you can, dance along with him/her. Perhaps, his/her hobby is painting. Why not go to the park and let him/her do some painting. Then, incorporate some activity like walking or playing hopscotch or skip rope in between breaks.

Sometimes, you just need to think of ways that your kids can move their bodies and not just sit at home and watch TV or play computer games. You could enroll them in a workshop or academy that teaches kids to be more physically active. Maybe, they would like joining an acting or a ballet workshop.

Be a good model to your kids

Kids look up to their parents. They imitate what they see their parents do. If you give them a good example of how to be physically active every day, they can adopt that kind of healthy, active lifestyle.

Let your kids join you when you go on your morning jog. Also, show them how you’re trying to get some exercise yourself. Like when you walk your way to work (if it is just walking distance) or when you ride your bike to work.

You need to invest some time in the life of your kids if you want to teach them to be healthy and active. It may not be easy for you if you’re fairly busy but it will make a big difference in the life and health of your kids.

Photo credit: Image by Mike Baird, flickr.bairdphotos.com, CC BY 2.0

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