Dressing For An Outdoor Run

Dressing For An Outdoor Run


Walking, Jogging, and Running are all fantastic ways to stay fit, keep your cardiovascular system in good condition, and to generally keep you in good health. Walking or running outside is great for the exercise, and is also great because you can get some fresh air. It doesn’t matter if it is warm or cold outside, or if it is sunny, raining, or snowing, because as long as you dress properly, you will have a great time. On the other hand, if you don’t dress properly for the outdoor conditions, then your time spent walking or running will not be very enjoyable. Here are some great tips when it comes to dressing yourself so you can stay warm, dry, and comfortable when running outside.


Dressing Your Feet


The first thing to think about before going outside is your feet, and the first thing to consider about your feet is what kind of socks you should wear. When you run outside, you want to choose a sock that will let your feet breathe, and you want a sock that will keep your feet warm and dry as well. This means that you don’t want to wear a sock that is made of cotton because it is a material that does not wick away moisture well. A good choice to go with is either wool or a synthetic material specially designed for running and sports. Also, remember that your socks shouldn’t be too thin because they won’t provide enough cushioning and support, and they shouldn’t be too thick either, because that will make your shoes fit way too tightly.


After choosing your socks, the shoes that you wear are the next most important thing to consider. If you plan on doing a lot of walking or running, then you need shoes that are comfortable and provide optimal arch support. The arches of your feet are very important, and if not supported properly, they can begin to cause you a lot of pain. Also, you need running shoes that have good ankle support as well, because rolling an ankle, or even breaking it, is quite painful. You need a running shoe that has thick soles in order to provide adequate cushioning between your feet and the ground, and they need to be breathable too; having hot and sweaty feet is not comfortable. Keep in mind that a good running shoe should last at least 500 miles before beginning to wear out.

Layer Up


The best way to stay comfortable when running outside is to wear a variety of layers, because when you get hot, you can take off a layer or two, and if you are cold, you can put some layers on. There are three main layers that you should wear when going for a run outside.

  • The Base LayerThe base layer is the layer that you wear closest to your body. The trick here is to choose a high performing material that will wick away moisture from your skin so you can feel cool and dry; being wet is never fun. You don’t want to wear cotton because cotton will absorb your sweat instead of wicking it away, and that will make you overheat in the summer and will make you too cold during the winter.
  • The Insulating Layer – This is the second layer that you should wear when running outside, and it is the layer that will keep you warm when it gets cold outside; if you get too hot, then you can always take it off.
  • The Outer Layer – One of the most important layers that you need to wear when running outside is the outer protective layer, which is meant to protect you from things like snow, hail, wind, and rain. Remember, you need to choose a material that is ideally both breathable and water proof.


Your Head and Skin

Finally, remember to always wear sunscreen if it is sunny out, because you don’t want to get burned. Also, be sure to wear a hat to keep your head out of the sun, and if it is cold out, wear a winter hat to keep your head warm; running with cold ears isn’t fun!

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