The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan

The Dr. Gourmet Diet Plan

Your trademarked moniker Dr. Gourmet® aptly identifies you as Physician and Chef. You are the only professional chef-Internal Medicine physician in the country specializing in nutrition. What made you choose nutrition?

I see my role as a translator for the lay public. There is so much information out there, we have a lot of great quality research now on diet and nutrition but much of it is distorted. Diet plans use faulty or incomplete science and often outright pseudoscience.

The goal of Dr. Gourmet is to offer the information in a way that’s meaningful while at the same time offering people the tools to help them make substantive change in their lives. I found early on that it was all well and good to tell patients to lose weight and eat better but there needed to be a resource with recipes, menu planners and a way to track their progress for it to be successful.

How is Dr. Gourmet different from other diet plans on the market today?

Dr. Gourmet diet plans are based on Mediterranean diet principles translated for the American palate. Good food, simple preparation, versatile weekly menu plans, food and exercise diary, goal tracking, and easy to access and understand.

I created the plan because it’s all well and good to tell someone that research shows Mediterranean style diet works. We translate the nine principles into great food that they can understand. What it really means is:

  1. More legumes
  2. More fruit and nuts
  3. More veggies
  4. More whole grains
  5. More fish
  6. Less red meat and lean processed meats
  7. Less dairy and mostly processed dairy like yogurt and cheese
  8. Great quality fats — olive oil, grapeseed oil
  9. Alcohol in moderation and mostly with meals

So, that means chili with lean beef, lots of beans, onions, peppers served over brown rice with a beer.

Loving food and knowing how to prepare a tasty dish is an art form. Do you feel that taste is sacrificed in preparing healthy dishes?

Just the opposite.

Never trust a fat chef. It is very easy to hide your sins in the kitchen with fat, sugar and salt. Really great chefs learn to cook really great food and rely on the ingredients.

Do other gourmet cooks appreciate the recipes in Dr. Gourmet menus?

I think so. I have a number of chef friends who follow Dr. Gourmet.

Does Dr. Gourmet have a favorite French recipe that would wow ‘foodie’ guests and be healthy too?

Most of the inspiration for my dishes is what used to be called “Country French” and there’s a lot of crossover with Spain and Italy with those sorts of dishes. The Beef Bourguignon recipe is ‘traditional’ French inspired.

What is one of your favorite Dr. Gourment recipes suitable for the diabetic population?

First off, most all of the Dr. Gourmet recipes are diabetic-friendly because we now know that Mediterranean diet is the best for Type 2 diabetics.

Picking a favorite is so hard. It’s funny because I am committed to creating a minimum of 2 recipes each week for our daily newsletters.

Once a recipe is done I seldom return to it so it seems that what I am working on right now is “my favorite” and lately I have been doing a lot of single pot curries and stews. Maybe it’s the time of year. I do love Indian food and am working hard to get better at it. My Lamb Curry recipe is my favorite dish right now.

Congratulations on winning an Emmy for the Dr. Gourmet show. What’s next for Dr. Gourmet?

We have just finished shooting a pilot for a new show. I have a few television appearances scheduled. My next book, Just Tell Me What to Eat will be released this spring.

Our focus has been on building the definitive, evidence based, diet and nutrition site on the internet. We’ve done that and will now be returning to publishing books and producing television to complement our online offering.

The Dr. Gourmet website is tops! Most sites require readers to purchase the book before they can use the site information and tools. Your site doesn’t do that, why?

Dr. Gourmet is about helping folks make significant changes in their lives. I’ve worked hard to keep the site and the information free.

I wanted to create a site that my fellow physicians, who have so little time and often don’t know where to start talking about diet and food, would be happy and comfortable sending their patients. The key is that money can be a barrier for folks. Even if they might be able to afford it (heck, folks spend $100.00 a month for cable), the money can create a barrier. So we are trying to keep it free.

The Dr. Gourmet iPhone software and interface sounds great, ‘dish’ on that:

The standalone iPhone product is available now and it’s free. That product will soon be updated to sync with the Dr. Gourmet Weekly Menus, Food Diary and Exercise Diary offered in the online software on our website.

Visit Dr. Gourmet yourself for expert diet advice. Check back here too, we will share more from physican chef, Dr. Gourmet in the future.

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