Diets with Fast Results and Successful Finishes

Diets with Fast Results and Successful Finishes

Every dieter wants to see results quickly, and each inch lost is like a cheerleader waving toward the goal. The problem with most dieting, however, is that the mirror takes a while to acknowledge any change in appearance. Most regular diets of calorie reduction and exercise will result in a weight loss of one or two pounds per week, which is the recommended plan of most doctors.

However, there are several diets out there that try to promote a quicker weight loss. As the waistline reduces, the desire to stick to it increases, thus making some of the diets very successful for weight loss.

The problem with these diets is that the success stories don’t always seem to have happy endings. As the weight loss is so quick and the diets so drastic, many speculate that these diets do not teach new habits, therefore picking up their old bad habits as soon as they reach their goal.

Dieting Strategies

Diet success stories are often short lived, as bad habits are easy to go back to. It seems that once the weight is lost, many dieters are left with a “now what?” In this case, it seems that the long term diet, where new habits are formed, would have a more successful outcome. However, many never make it to the outcome because the results are slow and they tire before they ever drop a size.

A solution to this dieter’s dilemma is to blend several diets together. Jump start a diet with a drastic plan in order to see results right away and then move into a more conservative diet plan. This will help boost morale with immediate results; meanwhile, finishing the diet with a slower weight loss rate will promote good habits and a new lifestyle.


Choosing a Diet Plan

When choosing a plan, involving a doctor is always a good starting point. A doctor will be able to help make a decision based upon personal health issues, and can also make an educated decision as to whether dieting is something to consider at all.

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