Commuter Workouts 2

Commuter Workouts 2
  • Squats – This is another fantastic exercise to do while you’re filling up the gas tank. Sure, you may look a little funny squatting away in a parking lot, but the benefits are outstanding. All you have to do is to squat down like you are about to sit down on your sofa, except of course you aren’t sitting down. While doing this remember to keep your weight on your heels, and never bend your knees more than 90 degrees, because your knees should never protrude outwards further than your toes. Hold this squatting position anywhere from 10-40 seconds and do several repetitions.
  • Jumping Jacks – Jumping Jacks aren’t just fantastic for your legs and arms, they are great for cardio training too. Everyone knows how to do jumping jacks, and they are very easy to get the hold of if you don’t already know; start with your legs together and arms at your side, then jump and spread your legs while at the same time raising your arms above your head. Repeat this 20-40 times, and if you feel it’s getting too easy, you can always increase the amount that you do.


Exercises You Can Do At Any Rest Stop

  • Skipping Rope – Skipping rope or jump rope as it is otherwise known is a great exercise that trains your legs, arms, your core, and works on your cardio too. All you need is a jump rope in your back seat and a little bit of space to get going. Start out with 30-60 seconds of jumping rope, and then slowly increase this as time goes on. If you feel that it is too easy, you can always try going for longer and skipping faster, not to mention that there are different techniques when it comes to jumping rope, techniques that can be quite hard!
  • Pushups – Of course, to do pushups you will need some space, but that’s why a rest stop is an ideal place to do them. Pushups are great because they keep many of your upper body muscles in prime condition, and if you do them quickly, it can even work towards cardio training as well. If you can’t do normal pushups from the get-go, then trying doing modified pushups on your knees to make it a little easier, then when that becomes too simple you can switch to real pushups.
  • Triceps Dips – Triceps dips are a fantastic exercise that you can do at any rest stop to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and chest too. All you need to do them is a picnic table, a bench, or even the back of your car (with the rear door open). Face away from the item that is supporting your weight, bend your knees at a 90 degree angle, and proceed to lift yourself up and down. Try to do anywhere from 1-3 sets of triceps dips, and do 10-20 repetitions each time. Triceps dips are very efficient and you will be sure to feel the effects almost immediately.
  • High Knee March – When at a gas station, parking lot, or any rest stop, simply march around just like the solders in movies do. All you have to do is march back and forth wile lifting your knees up as high as you can. To make this harder if you feel that it is too easy, lift your knees up higher and march faster, and you can even hold your arms out straight and try to touch your hands with your knees. Start by doing the marching knee lifts for 1 or 2 minutes at a time, then gradually increase the length and the intensity as you get used to it.


Final Thoughts


You don’t have to sacrifice your body or your health just because you spend a lot of time driving in a car. You can make the best of the few minutes that you have in between commuting, or even while in the car too. With these simple exercises you can keep healthy and keep the blood flowing through your legs! Not to mention that exercising will increase your energy levels, something that is key to being alert on the road.


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