For millennia, cereals were the main food of the mankind. Too bad that the modern human tends to remove this food out of its alimentation.

The few grain varieties that are consumed are stolen by the majority of nutrients principles through refine processes. The commerce offers foods that are nothing but empty carries. They not only steal the nutrients from the body, but damages the appetite for healthy food too.

You should not be surprised that our generation is characterized by diseases like atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and blood pressure hypertension.

The alimentation base have to be consisted from grain cereals that can be prepared in a very varied way, with the condition that none of their components be removed through the refining procces. Cereals contain an average of 75% glucides as starch form, 10-15% proteins, 2% fats, being rich in fibers, mineral vitamins.

Regular consumption of grain products can cover the need for vitamins of group B. Vitamin C is not found in cereals, unless is left to germinate. Vitamins A and D are missing, however, in the corn are found carotenoid, kriptoxantin and small amounts of alpha and beta carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. Cereals contain tocopherol, ie vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant, defending the body from free radical formation.

In the germs of cereals are found complete proteins. Unfortunately, because they alter the fastest, the germs are removed mostly during the refining process.

The brans, so rich in B vitamins and ballast substances are also removed and the white flour leads to constipation.

Whole grains can be eaten boiled, can be left to germinate, can be ground or milled, can be prepared mashed or baked. Most cereals must be well boiled before eaten them, because contains protein inhibitors that stops digestive enzymes activity. These inhibitors are inactivated by heat or  germinate.

In order to be able to enjoy sufficient the nutrients, it’s better to use a wide variety of cereals as because different cereals have different properties.

BARLEY, for example, is rich in pantothenic acid, ie vitamin B5, involved in intermediary metabolism of fats, glucides and proteins. Barley can be added to wheat for bread making, or can be used as cereal morning meal with nuts and possibly fruit.

MILLET, very used in India and China, is a food that must be used by anyone who wants to eat healthy. Not only it is very nutritious, but millet is part of the few grains that have alkalizing effect. Millet is rich in iron and magnesium, and you know that, with the exception of soybeans, the iron is not found in large quantities in the vegetarians diet.

Due to its alkalizing effect, millet is recommended for arthritis sufferers. It can be prepared as polenta or a tasty baked tripe. Because of the vegetable soluble fiber it contains, millet can be used instead of eggs; because coagulates easily to the added components.

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