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The Truth about the Twinkie Diet

Nutritionist Mark Haub, a professor at Kansas State University, embarked on a 10 week investigation of what would happen if he added Twinkies to his diet. The result has been

Diet Nutrition Weight Loss

A New Year Resolution: The South Beach Diet

My New Year’s resolution is all about leading a healthy lifestyle; I plan to eat better, feel better and look better. After researching the countless diets and fitness programs out

Diet Nutrition Weight Loss

The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet was created by Dr. Pierre Dukan in an effort to help reduce the overweight and obesity health problems in our world today. This diet is high-protein, low-carb,

Diet Nutrition Weight Loss

Coping with Carbohydrate Cravings on the New Atkins Diet

Craving carbs on Atkins? Learn how to work through those cravings with tips from the new Atkins Diet plan. The Atkins diet – recently updated and reintroduced in a book

Nutrition Weight Loss

Switch to the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle

More than a diet, what is frequently referred to as the Mediterranean Diet is actually a lifestyle. A switch to this lifestyle may make you healthier and happier. Health Benefits

Diet Health Nutrition Weight Loss

What’s Your Diet Plan?

I remember the first fad diet I was aware of. It was the dead of winter in West Virginia, about a little less than thirty years ago. The plan required

Diet Health Nutrition Weight Loss

The Likable Lo-Cal Diet: Salad Days

There’s a reason so many diets include and encourage salads. But can a salad be lo-cal AND likable? It can if you know the numbers. Read on! Okay, we had

Diet Health Nutrition Weight Loss

Happy Hour: How to Survive it on a Diet

Happy Hour can be a time for you to unwind after a long, stressful day at work or to re-connect with old friends. If losing weight is one of your

Diet Health Weight Loss

The 17 Day Diet Book and DVD

There is an enormous response to The 17 Day Diet as a result of the media push from shows like The Doctors and Dr. Phil. So, what gets folks so

Health Nutrition Weight Loss

Best Diet? Low Carb still Rules For Diabetics and the Rest of Us

Embarking on a diet to lose weight is a major undertaking, so enjoying what is eaten on the diet and ensuring that the weight stays off are equally important or