Carbohydrates, Exercise, and Your Body 2

Carbohydrates, Exercise, and Your Body 2

Storing That Energy

As mentioned before, carbohydrates are really important for providing your body with enough energy to get through that long day of work and working out at the gym. Carbohydrates are good for both short term energy levels and for the long term as well. This is because of course there are 2 different kinds of carbs, simple and complex, and the complex carbs take slightly more time for the body to break down and utilize, but they also provide long term energy.

Speaking of long term energy, the complex carbs are the ones that your muscles and your liver will store for the future. Yes that is right, your body can store the complex carbs and keep you fuelled up all throughout the day.

The Health Benefits

Carbs are not only important in terms of giving your body energy, but they are also really important for maintain a healthy body overall. This is because carbohydrates have many different health benefits, some of the main ones being good intestinal health as well as proper waste elimination. In other words, your body needs carbs in order to digest food properly and to let you go to the bathroom without a hassle. Carbs are important for a lot more than just going to the washroom though. Carbs are actually essential to the maintenance and proper function of your central nervous system, your kidneys, your brain, your muscles, and even your heart. Without enough carbs you could start seeing problems with any one of those body parts.


Carbs and Working Out

When it comes to working out carbs are very important because they are the things that will give you the energy to run on that treadmill for half an hour and to lift those way to heavy weights. Something that many people do who are planning on going through an extremely long workout or something like running a marathon do is to carb load, and that means eating a lot of food that is rich in energy providing carbohydrates. Remember to leave at least 3 hours’ time between eating and exercising because exercising on a full stomach isn’t any fun.

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