Big Booty Workouts

Big Booty Workouts

Everybody wants to have a nice looking butt because it makes us feel good and it makes us look good in jeans too. The unfortunate reality is that most people weren’t born looking like movie stars, and Photoshop only works for pictures. For the rest of us who weren’t born with that perfect booty, it requires some serious work to get it looking the way you want it to look.

The problem with working out is that most people just don’t have the time to exercise for hours on end, day after day, month after month, especially not just for one part of your body. However, the fact is that you can spend as little as 5 minute per day working on your glutes to get your butt looking like a movie star’s behind. It doesn’t have to be that hard though, and it doesn’t have to take up your whole day either. Below are some great exercises that combine the best of muscle toning workouts with the best of calorie burning moves to make sure that your butt looks perfect.

With these 6 exercises, you can spend as little as 5 minutes per day toning your bum to make it look as good as can be!


Kneeling Butt Blaster Exercise


This exercise is very simple to do, and all you need is matt to make the floor a little softer. Get in the hybrid push-up position, meaning that you are kneeling on the ground with your hands and arms supporting your upper body. Keep your knees bent at a 90 degree angle and lift one foot up into the air behind you. Do 20 – 30 reps of this exercise for each leg, and then as it gets easier you can start doing more sets of add some extra reps to the existing set you have going on.


Squatting Butt Kicks

This is a great exercise to help workout your glutes to get that booty in great shape. It’s a really easy exercise to do; just stand with your legs shoulder width apart and keep your abs engaged, squat down as far as you can go, and then when you raise up, kick your leg out to the side. Do 20 – 30 reps for each leg, alternating between legs to make sure that you work both of them equally.



Lunges are another great exercise that you can do to strengthen both your legs and your vore, as well as to burn the fat off of your butt. Simply stand with the heels of your feet against a wall and lunge forward with one leg, keeping in mind that the further you lunge, the better the results will be. Once again, do 20 – 30 reps for each leg.



Tabata is a fancy word for jogging in place with high knees. Simply place a marker on the floor, something like a skipping rope, to mark the mid-point, and then jog forward and backwards over the rope. Always remember to lift your knees as high as you can, because that is the motion that will tone your booty!


Hip Thrusts

For this exercise you are going to need to lie down on the ground and keep your feet flat on the ground with your knees raise and bent at a 45 degree angle. Keep your legs slightly spread and thrust your hips and pelvis into the air as far as you can go all the while flexing your glutes or your butt. This will train your glutes very efficiently, and if it gets to easy, you can try resting your feet on a medicine or exercise ball in order to raise your knees more and increase the difficulty. Do 40 – 50 reps of this exercise and try to do at least 2 sets.


Skater Pose

For the skater pose, you’re going to need a chair or railing to hold on to. Bend over and hold yourself on the seat of the chair and raise one leg outwards and upwards behind you; remember to keep the leg straight but to never lock your knee. Do 20 – 30 reps for each leg every day.

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