Best Weight Loss Tip – Drink Water

Best Weight Loss Tip – Drink Water

How could avoiding sugary drinks and consuming water impact your body when it comes to losing weight?

Switching from Soda to Water

Overconsumption of soda is not good. Many issues have been linked to it including respiratory problems, weight gain and teen violence. So, if you’re trying really hard to get rid of the habit, then this clinical study might encourage you to try harder. It was found out from this study conducted at the University of North Carolina that choosing to drink water instead of soda can help you to lose weight even without making any other dietary changes.

The Test

There were 318 overweight adults who participated in this study, which was sponsored by Nestle Waters USA. The participants were divided into 3 groups. The first group drank water instead of sugary drinks; the second group drank diet drinks; and the third group can make any change they like after being given some advice on weight loss.

The Results

The participants did their assignment for 6 months. After which, they all lost 4 to 5 pounds on average. However, the groups that stopped drinking sugary drinks were able to lose 5 percent of their starting weight; the third group lost 11 percent only. The group that improved the most was the water group because the participants also lowered their blood sugar level and blood pressure level by several points. The researchers have no sure explanation as to why the water group had lower levels of blood sugar and blood pressure, but they believe it must be because of better hydration.

Word of Advice

So, what can we learn from this study? If you are looking to lose some pounds but don’t know how to start, what you can do first is quit drinking soda. If you drink water instead of two cans of soda each day, you will cut your calorie intake by 300 calories or your sugar consumption by 20 teaspoons. The recommended intake of sugar daily is only 6 to 9 teaspoons according to the American Heart Association.

Tips for Drinking More Water

If you find drinking plain water boring, you can try some experiments to make water more appealing. You could try to infuse the water with fresh fruits or flavorings, cucumber or mint, for example. Instead of the regular soda, you may also try drinking brewed green tea. Aside from the fact that green tea has zero calories, it also provides many health benefits.

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