The Best Protein High Foods 7

The Best Protein High Foods 7

Corned Beef

Corned beef is a very fine deli food. Sure it does come in a can but it is pretty tasty and it has a lot of protein too. Every 3 ounce serving of this canned goodness has over 24 grams of protein which does make it very good for muscle building. You can put corned beef in a sandwich, fry it or sauté it in a frying pan, or even make it into a casserole with some veggies and rice. One thing to look out for is the salt content because this stuff does tend to have more than its fair share of sodium. To fix this problem you can always look for a low sodium variety.

Roasted Turkey Breast

Roasted turkey breast is amazing for losing weight and for gaining muscle because it is nearly fat free but also has a lot of protein. Sliced turkey breast, that is great for making sandwiches, salads, and some other things too, has over 18 grams of protein for every 3 ounces of it that you eat.

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