Best Pre-Workout Foods P.2

Best Pre-Workout Foods P.2


Oats are another really healthy fuel that comes highly recommended as a pre-workout food. Oats are great because they are quite high in fiber. Fiber is good because it is releases carbohydrates into your system slowly and on a consistent basis. Unlike quick digestible carbohydrates fiber takes longer to digest, but that also means that it will provide more consistent energy for a longer time. Oats are also great for another reason, that being that they are very high in the B vitamins. The B Vitamins are essential for people who work out because they help to turn those carbohydrates into usable energy that the body needs to keep you going through a long workout routine. Oats aren’t too heavy so they can be eaten about 30 minutes before exercising.


Whole Grains

Whole grains like a slice of whole grain bread are another really good source of fuel and it serves wonders when used as a pre-workout food. Whole grain bread is loaded to the brim with both simple and complex carbohydrates. The simple carbohydrates will give you a burst of energy to exercise while the complex carbs (the fiber) will give you long lasting energy. Whole grain bread is also good because you can top it with things that are also high in protein or carbs. A little bit of honey, jam, or even a hard-boiled egg all go great with a slice of whole grain bread.


Fruit & Yogurt

The reason that these things are great in combination is because both yogurt and fruits contain energy sources, but they don’t work quite the same way. Yogurt is high in protein, which of course is another energy source for the body, however it doesn’t break down as quickly and get utilized as fast as carbohydrates do. On that note, fruits are high in carbohydrates. Together the fruit will give you a quick burst of energy while the yogurt gives you long lasting energy and the protein content will prevent muscle damage from occurring when working out. Also yogurt is high in vitamins and nutrients that are needed to maintain healthy muscle function as well as energy levels.


Things To Avoid Eating Before Working Out

There are of course things that you should eat before working out as well as things that you should avoid too. One type of food that should be avoided is anything that is high in fat content. Sure fat gets used as energy, but not very quickly. Fat can make you gain weight and it is also very slow to get out of your stomach. This can leave you feeling slow, sluggish, and if you work out too hard it can even make you feel sick. That means no junk food like chips, no cheese, and nothing like pizza. Something else that should be avoided is sugar. Again sugar does mean carbohydrates, but it isn’t the right kind of carbohydrates that you are looking for. Sugar will cause an energy spike and then an energy crash, something that is not desirable when working out.