Best Exercises For Building Your Arms

Best Exercises For Building Your Arms

Everybody wants to have ripped and bulging muscle arms, but for many people that seems to be wishful thinking. It’s not as hard as it sounds though and getting bigger, more muscular arms can be accomplished with just a few easy exercises. Here we have a list of the best exercises that you can do to get those massive arm muscles that you have always desired.

Suspension Trainer Biceps Curl

To do this exercise you will need to invest in a suspension trainer however it is very good for your biceps and shoulder muscles. Stand up and hold the handles of the trainer in a curl position, then slowly lower yourself backwards until your arms are extended and you are only standing on the heels of your feet, then using only your biceps pull yourself back to a flat footed standing position.


Lying Triceps Extension

This exercise is very simple to do, but you will need a bench and some dumbbells. Start holding the dumbbells with your palms facing your head with the weights lowered down just slightly behind your head (keep your elbows at a 70 degree angle). To do the exercise simply extend your elbows and lift your arms straight up above your head. This exercise is great for building your triceps and shoulder muscles.


The Hammer Curl

The hammer curl is a great exercise to do to strengthen your deltoids, biceps, and forearms. Use a weight that is appropriate for your strength level and hold one dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing your sides and your arms straight down. Keeping your upper arms against your shoulders, curl both weights at once. Remember to keep your palms facing inwards.


The Underhand Kickback

To do this exercise all you need are 2 dumbbells and it will work wonders on your core and your triceps. Start out by bending your torso at the hips until it is close to being parallel to the ground. Hold the dumbbells with your palms facing forward with your elbows bent and your forearms parallel with your upper legs. Simply left the weights backwards while keeping your palms facing forward until your arms are extended as far as possible and you can feel the stretch in your chest and your triceps.


Close-Grip Push-ups

These are just like normal pushups (facing the floor with your body straight, supporting yourself with the palms of your hands and your toes) except they are a little bit harder. When you support yourself on the ground place your hands and arms slightly inside of shoulder width; this will greatly increase the difficulty when compared to a normal push-up. If you want to make it even harder you can lift your legs up by supporting your feet on an elevated box or even a thick book.

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