Best Diet? Low Carb still Rules For Diabetics and the Rest of Us

Best Diet? Low Carb still Rules For Diabetics and the Rest of Us

Embarking on a diet to lose weight is a major undertaking, so enjoying what is eaten on the diet and ensuring that the weight stays off are equally important or why go on the diet in the first place? And, staying healthy is also part of the long term focus of weight loss. The low carb diet, once called a fad, has settled into the mainstream of America’s lifesyle, acknowledged by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) as a suitable approach to desirable weight maintenance. Diabetes is said to strike one in ten Americans and being verweight is an undesirable marker and raises the risk of becoming a diabetic.

Feeling Full is Important

The number one reason for quitting a diet is hunger, plain and simple. Diets that count calories and limit meals to low fat and non-filling foods or ingredient options are doomed for failure in both the short term and the long term. The carbohydrate controlled diet has a loyal following because of these two factors. Foods that are eaten are filling and tasty and unlike popular media humor would claim, the diet is not a cheeseburger without a bun or a pound of bacon. Protein and fiber fill up the body. It’s just that simple.

Loving a Diet is Good

The reason for the loyal followers of this previously ridiculed fad diet is quite simple. The foods are tasty, easy to prepare, filling and satiating. What’s not to love. The online low carb web food folks have everything from breakfast granolas, muffins, cereals and pancakes to dessert mixes like brownies, cakes, cookies and even pie crusts. There are lots of snack bars and even a mashed potato replacement called Carb Counter’s Mashers. Keeping these foods in the pantry so the diet regime has some glamour is priceless.

Studies Show Longevity

For weight loss and sustaining that weight loss, this diet is tops. But, for longevity, a plaint based version of the standard low carb diet rules. This plain- based diet is low in carbohydrates also, and a lot of the protein comes from foods like beans and lentils, like soybeans. Meat, poultry and fish are still eaten but in smaller portions compared to the unlimited carnivore one. It has long been known that whole soy foods are great for the heart, but a large human study has proven that contrary to the belief that fat was bad, when eating a more liberal plant based protein diet, high fat was great. Those people who ate the most fat and veggie protein lived the longest and kept the weight off, even losing more one year after the initial weight loss diet. Those groups of people that eat whole soy foods as a protein mainstay have been shown to live longer than those that do not. Many of the low carb food substitutes from cereal to desserts have soy in them so it isn’t hard to get it into the diet.

The Carbohydrate Controlled Diet Works

The reason the diet still has lots of fans is because it works. Decide to lose weight and to keep it off, but also decide to love what you eat. Many thousands of Americans are living permanently on some kind of carbohydrate controlled eating plan. There are numerous purveyors of delicious low carb products on the internet. Decide to try them to add back in the fun factor to your lifestyle diet and learn the secret that thy obviously know. You don’t have to eat sticks and rocks to enjoy a lower number on the scales.

Make this the Last Diet

Many studies show lots of benefits when eating carb controlled foods. Reduced diabetes risk, improved blood cholesterol; which in turn reduces your risk for stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease . Because it reduces the insulin production and the accompanying hormonal effects, blood sugar levels are normalized and skin bacteria conditions are reduced. So stop eating when you are full, enjoy your food. After all, you shouldn’t have to eat sticks and rocks to enjoy a lower number on the scales.

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