The Benefits Of Circuit Training Part 3

The Benefits Of Circuit Training Part 3

Body Weight Training – There are a whole list of different body weight training exercises that you could add to your circuit training. These include things like sit-ups, cross sit-ups, crunches, knee lift crunches, lying leg lefts, pushups, military style pushups, planking, side planking, side planking leg and arm lifts, squats, jumping jacks, lunges, triceps lifts, and burpies too. All of these exercises are great way to improve both your strength and stamina when added to a circuit training routine.

Weight Lifting Exercises – Weight lifting exercises are a little more intense and when added to a circuit they can do wonders for your muscles and for your cardiovascular system. These exercises include things like weighted squats, deadlifts, body presses, bench presses, dumbbell curls, hammer curls, cross body curls, triceps curls, the skull crusher, the lying fly, preacher curls, triceps pushdowns, and shoulder pumps.

Gym Equipment – If you are in a position to add gym machines to your circuit training routine then you are more than welcome to do so. You can add any of the various machines that work out your legs, abs, arms, back, and shoulders. Just remember that you shouldn’t lift too much because the point is not to take breaks in between sets from one exercise to the next.

Other – You can also add in other things to your circuit training routine such as jump rope, a boxing bag, or even exercises involving a medicine ball.


Areas Of Your Body Which Circuit Training Targets

A good circuit training routine should and will target all of the essential muscle groups in your body. If you add a good mix of the exercises listed above into your routine then the whole circuit will target your arms, legs, back, stomach, shoulders, chest, glutes, and pretty much every single muscle in your body.

The Benefits Of Circuit Training

Circuit training has many different benefits. One of these benefits is increased muscle strength, increased muscle stamina, increased blood flow to the extremities, better balance, and more focus, not to mention that those are just the benefits of weight training. I think we forgot to mention flexibility and form; if you create a proper circuit training routine you will greatly improve your flexibility and your body form. Circuit training is also great for your cardiovascular system and will increase blood flow, heart power and health, lung capacity, stamina, energy, and focus. You really can’t go wrong with circuit training because it helps your body in every way that you could possibly imagine.

Circuit Training: Final Thoughts

Circuit training is fantastic not only for all of the reasons mentioned above, but also for a few other reasons too. It is a great way for beginners and for people who are out of shape to get healthy pretty quickly and in a safe way. It is also a good way for serious work out fanatics to take a little break from their usual routine and to add something new to the mix, not to mention that doing a day of circuit training is a great way to rest your body from the usual strain you put it through. Circuit training is also great because you can craft it the way you want, add the exercises you want, and you can even do it outside too.

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