Alcohol Drinking and Poor Nutrition

Alcohol Drinking and Poor Nutrition

Problem with Alcohol Drinking

When a person drinks heavily and drinks even at mealtimes, the tendency is to have a poor diet, according to a Spanish study.

Poor Diet

A survey of 12,000 adults with ages 18 to 64 concerning their drinking and eating patterns showed that most of the people who engage in heavy drinking with preference for hard liquor and drinking at mealtimes had problems with poor nutrition.

Traditionally, drinking at mealtimes is considered healthy, but the study showed that it is not so when the drinkers do not eat properly.

The problem with people who drink at mealtimes is that they fail to eat an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods. To top that, they eat a lot more of the animal protein.

This study is very relevant to people who live in Spain and other Mediterranean countries in the European region because alcohol drinking by adults during lunch and dinner is considered normal.

Liver Disease and Other Health Conditions

Liver disease is a health condition that many heavy drinkers will most likely develop. Eating fast foods that are rich in trans fats, which most drinkers prefer, also contributes to the development of the liver disease.

The good news is that the condition is preventable, but it takes efforts to control excessive drinking and to correct unhealthy eating, which are two of the contributing factors to risk of liver disease.

If alcohol drinking and unhealthy eating are not corrected, the body can expect to have more adverse health conditions.

People who drink alcohol are also prone to have chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus, cancer, obesity or cardiovascular disease.

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