The advantages of using soybeans PART 1

The advantages of using soybeans PART 1

Every few years, occurs one “miracle drug” demanding that cures cancer. But always and always, substances that have produced miracles in mice have proved ineffective in humans.

It is true that chemotherapy, introduced in the ’50s and subsequently improved, fails to cure 90% of child leukemia, however, against the great murderers such as lung cancer, breast colon and prostate, the progress is minimal, the remissions being only of short duration. But even in these cases, the price paid is very high because the substances are so toxic.

Most current chemotherapeutics have focused on moving its action against cell division, for example, blocking the synthesis of DNA required for the cell multiplication, but is not acting only on the tumor but also on healthy tissues. In particular, affecting the bone marrow, which produces blood cells.

“Now we know,” says oncologist Klauner, “the cancer is not an easy target that can be shot down with a sophisticated techniques. ” Cancer cells undergo a series of mutations that often allows them to get rid of the mechanisms tht aim to prevent their proliferation.

Normal cells can divide about 70 times before the telomeres (the protective ends of chromosomes) to shorten so much that the chromosomes are hurt and the cell to die. But the cancer cells use an enzyme called telomerase, which restores telomeres, for the multiplying or cell division to continue. Then, tumors must create their own network of blood vessels that bring them food and the oxygen they need. This complex process, called angiogenesis, requires a number of growth factors.

Finally, the most dangerous are those tumors that develop mechanisms that allow cells to broke away from their initial tumor and enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system. Thus, cancer cells can reach distant tissues where develops as secondary tumors or metastases. From ten cancer deaths, nine are due to metastasis.

As we know more about the appearance and cancer development, we realize the complexity of the problems to be solved. In recent years, were tried over 70,000 different drugs to combat cancer and still is not seen any light at end of the tunnel.

For these reasons, the best wise attitude is to adopt a lifestyle that helps the body’s own anti-cancer cells mechanisms. And the epidemiological data proves that in regions where regularly consumes soybeans, malignancies of the breast, prostate, colon and even lungs are less often.

In the past 25 years, soy proteins have begun to play a role increasingly higher in human nutrition, both in countries under development, as well as in industrial. The increase is due positive nutrient profile that, in terms of biological value is equal to that of casein from milk, and the fact that it is cheaper, easy to get, that can be used in very different ways and that has a number of advantages in comparison to animal proteins.

Whether derived from milk, eggs or meat, animals proteins, by their acidification action favors osteoporosis; by their products of metabolism, favors the emergence of malignant tumors, and by other mechanisms promotes atherosclerosis, even without cholesterol and fats they contain. Instead, soy proteins have an cholesterol action, antihypertensives, anticancer and favors the formation of bone mass.

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