8 Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Working 2

8 Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Working 2

The Food Reward

One of the reasons that many people have a big problem losing weight and getting into shape even when exercising is because people often use food as a reward. Using food to reward yourself for a long workout will reverse all of the good that exercising does. In order to get over this, you either need to reward yourself with healthy foods that won’t undo the effects of exercising, or you need to take your reward in a different form; your reward really should be the great feeling that you get from exercising!


Too Much, Too Soon

Working out isn’t going to achieve results overnight, however that is what is most people would like. Many people start exercising by spending hours upon hours in the gym, but only find themselves getting thinner, lighter, and more tired. The solution to this problem is to be patient and to start working out very gradually; don’t do too much at once or you will just tire yourself at and achieve absolutely not results.


Lack Of Sleep

One thing that many people do when beginning exercise, is to sacrifice their sleeping schedule to fit in the daily workout routine. Let’s face it, people are busy, you are busy, and that means that you may have to sleep less in order to fit in your work out, but that really isn’t the case because you can always find a way to exercise without losing sleep. Sleeping enough is very important because that is when your muscles rejuvenate the most, not to mention that you need sleep in order to regain energy for that next big work out. Some things that you can try doing are exercising before bedtime instead of watching television, or you can also exercise on your lunch break too.


Too Much Sitting Down

The final problem that may be affecting you is that you sit down too much. Exercising is all well and good, but if you spend the rest of your day sitting down, then your exercise won’t really do much. You can do little things to help combat this, things such as taking the stairs, walking instead of driving, or doing things like getting a dog in order to go on daily walks are all great solutions.

Final Thoughts

If you have been steadily working out, but haven’t gotten the desired results or any results at all, then chances are that you have been committing some of the mistakes talked about above. In order to fix these mistakes simply follow the directions provided and embrace the solutions given