Proteins: Too many dairy products harm your bones! PART 2

Proteins: Too many dairy products harm your bones! PART 2

Without the intent to indispose someone, I  must say that statistics show that more than half of women who enter menopause will suffer at least one fracture during their lives. And things do not always solve with the restoration after the implantation of an endoprosthesis. Fractures diminish the quality of life and can be the starting point of a prematurely death, for example, by pneumonia. In fact, the risk of death, in the year following the hip fracture grows by 15-20%.

Young and healthy men, were given a diet for 4 months containing 1,400 mg of calcium per day. At the same time, it was determined the daily protein intake, that was between 48 and 149 g / day, and the daily winnings or loss of calcium.

The results showed that a diet low in protein, ie 48 g / day, the young gained in the bone deposits 10 mg of calcium. When they were switched on a rich protein diet, ie 149 g /, they were losing daily, on average, 84 mg calcium.

The conclusion of the authors of the study is that the continuing loss of 84 mg of calcium per day, due to protein excess in the diet, with time, it will produce an appreciable bone decalcification.

Other researchs has shown that despite the ingestion of calcium, which exceeds the recommendations (for women 1,000 mg / day), increased protein consumption leads to a daily loss of 70-80 mg of calcium. And where is this calcium come from? Because 99% of the calcium reservations are found in bones, it means that the excess protein from food produce a calcium loss, despite an abundant ingestion.

It’s no secret that the frequency and gravity of osteoporosis are highest in countries that consume the higher quantities of calcium, usually by means of milk product.

Alaska eskimos frequently present osteoporosis, although they consume 2,500 mg of calcium daily. Where do they have so much calcium? From large amounts of fish, including the bones that they ingest. The eskimos daily consumption of protein is enormous, ie 250-400 grams. This  excessive amount of meat, mainly from fish and other water creatures is the cause of bone loss, ie osteoporosis. As you see, osteoporosis is not due to lack of calcium in the diet; the main problem seems to be the excess lose of calcium following an excessive protein consumption. But do not expect that the dairy industry will disseminate this truth! In fact, for years seeks to convince us of the need for a higher consumption of milk, yogurt and cheese, with or without sugar, to prevent osteoporosis.

The reality is this: if your alimenttion is rich in proteins, especially of animal source, all the calcium that dairy products provides will not help with anything, but even increase the risk to weaken the bones and have osteoporosis, and possibly later at a certain age, occur hip or forearms fractures.

So, don’t forget that the protein excess diminish the calcium deposits , even at a high consumption of this mineral.

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