The massive increasing of blood sugar after refined sweets and cereals not only results in a higher secretion of insulin, but the size of the I factor growth, an important mitogenic stimulant of the tumor growth.

In a recent research conducted by the members of the Faculty of Public Health at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, in collaboration with the Institute of Pharmacological studies in Milan, on the population from northern Italy, was found that sweets and white flour products increase the risk of pharyngeal cancer, laryngeal, esophageal, gastric, intestinal, thyroid and of the oral cavity.

Worldwide, most cases of laryngeal cancer are meet in order of frequency, in France, Spain and Uruguay.

The main risk factors are tobacco and alcohol.

In the International Journal of Cancer edited by The American Cancer Society Company (2000, vol. 87, p. 129-132), was published a study in Uruguay, which shows that fruits and raw vegetables, especially tomatoes and oranges, protects against laryngeal cancer.

Lately there are more and more research studies that demonstrate that, in humans, the alimentation with a lot of  sugar disturbs the calcium balance.

Already ten years ago, Tjaderhane and Larmas from Dentistry University of Oulu Faculty, Finland, have shown that high sugar ingestion lowers the dentin formation. Subsequently, animal experiences have shown that eating large amounts of refined glucides  has a detrimental effect on the skeleton, especially when it’s in the stage of growth.

Recent research shows that high sugar alimentation alters the mechanical properties of bones by disturbing the osteoblasts activity and by increasing the calcium loss through urine. Knowing that the best prevention of osteoporosis lies in the accumulation of large amounts of bone mass, consuming a lot of sugar, as the young people do, through sweet drinks, coffee, chocolate and other sweets, is a real crime because fastens the occurrence of osteoporosis.

Those who want to enrich the list of food with healthy food, I heartily recommend them barley, rich in soluble fibers and with the ability to improve the sensitivity toward insulin, as well as glucose metabolism. Grain products that contain barley have a lower glycemic index than wheat only.

Barley is rich in pantothenic acid, vitamin, ie B5, with a role in intermediate metabolism of fats, glucides and proteins. Can be added to wheat flour or can be consumed boiled at a meal with nuts and fruits.

Do not forget that most cereals have to be bolied good since in the germs are found proteinase inhibitor that prevents the digestive enzymes activity. These inhibitors are inactivated by boiling or sprouting.

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