23 Fitness Tips From The Experts. Part 3

23 Fitness Tips From The Experts. Part 3

Don’t Rest As Much

A big secret to building muscle and moreover for building your endurance is to not rest as often. Not resting as much between sets will build your endurance simply because you are pushing harder. Working out for an hour with a 30 second rest between sets is much less effective than working out for 45 minutes with 10 seconds of rest between sets. The point of exercising is to push yourself past the point at which you would usually call it quits. Only when you push past that point will your muscles grow and your endurance increase. Instead of resting for a prolonged period of time between really heavy sets of weight lifting, it is better to lift moderate amounts of weight and then rest by lifting small amounts of weight. Yes this means that you don’t really rest in between sets, but the results you see will be fantastic.

Endurance Requires Exhaustion

One thing to remember for endurance training is that if you want to build your stamina and endurance, whether it be for weight training or cardio training, is that your muscles need to be exhausted every time. Pushing your muscles to their final limit ensures that they build as big as possible. The motto of no pain no gain holds very true here. You need to feel that burn to know that you are working hard enough to build your muscles to the point of improvement. You need to condition your muscles to work to their limit and to be able to do more every time. The best way to do this is by doing a lot of reps of the same exercise to the point where you can’t do another single rep.

Keeping Your Motivation

A large factor when it comes to exercising in any way is motivation. Without the proper motivation you will never achieve any goals and you probably won’t even exercise for the most part. A good way to get motivated is to plan out your goals, especially what you want to look like when you are done. Don’t think about what you look and feel like now, but think about what you will look like after you have gone through a few months of exercising. Another good way to stay motivated is to have a work out buddy. You may not like exercising all that much, but having someone to share your pain always makes things easier. Also listening to music while you work out is another great motivator. On a side note, if you go to a sauna after working out, that may actually decrease your motivation because they induce fatigue and relaxation. While relaxing isn’t the worst thing in the world it certainly won’t motivate you to work out more. Plus taking a cold shower after working out is healthier for your body and will give you a little wake up kick too.

Change Is Good

One trick to constantly building muscle, stamina, and endurance is to never let your body adapt to what you are doing. If your body adapts to the exercises you are doing that means that your body is more comfortable with the exercises. The more comfortable your body is, the less work it has to go through and that means achieving less results. Always change up the time of day which you work out at, how much you lift, how long you go for, and most importantly you want to diversify the exercises which you do. All of these things will not only keep your exercising interesting, but they will also make sure that your body always faces a new challenge in order to build itself up bigger and stronger.

Take Some Pictures

One thing that everybody should know is that scales aren’t always accurate; they can lie. Therefore stepping on a scale in order to measure muscle gain or fat loss may not be the best way to go about things, especially if you want to achieve both hat the same time. Muscle is heavier than fat and that can really throw a wrench in your weight measuring plans. A better way to go about it is to take weekly pictures of your body from the front, back, and sides. Pictures don’t lie and you will be able to visually see the results. Make sure to always use the same lighting and clothing when taking pictures as both of those things can distort the image you see.

The Basics Of Fat Loss

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when trying to lose that belly fat and those love handles. First of all keep in mind that you need the proper nutrition. Unlike strength training, weight loss involves losing mass, not putting it on. Therefore you need to eat foods that will promote weight loss. Foods high in carbs and protein will spur on muscle gain, but you probably won’t lose much body weight either. Also avoid foods that are high in sugar, plus losing weight means working up a sweat and losing calories, therefore you need to do a lot of cardio training.

The Cardio Factor

Of course a very important part of weight loss is cardio. However something that you may not know is that for the first 20 minutes of cardio exercise your body burns the carbohydrates that you have eaten, which of course does nothing for weight loss except for working off that burger you just ate. To really burn body fat you need to do cardio for at least 30 minutes because only after the first 20 minutes does your body start burning body fat. Keep in mind that to lose weight you will also want to reduce your fat, sugar, and carb intake in general.