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Review of The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough: Sean Foy’s Guide to Lose Weight and Get Fit With Ten Minute Workouts

Is it possible to lose weight, tone up, and improve health in just 10 minutes per day? According to Foy, it’s not only doable, but long workouts are out of

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The Atkins Diet Made Easy: An Easy Way to Follow the Diet

Following a low-carb, low-fat diet can have many health benefits. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of thinking the Atkins Diet is a “all-you-can-eat” fat-fest and that you can eat

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High Blood Pressure: Diet, Exercise and Don’t Root for Losers

High blood pressure is a condition that can lead to a plethora of complications, including the ultimate complication: death. Having personally dealt with high blood pressure – or hypertension –

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Help Your Body Fight The Aging Process – Diet & Exercise Advice

Exercise is more important as you get older than when you are younger. Why? Because things start to happen to our bodies as we reach our 40s, 50s and 60s

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Cinch Diet by Cynthia Sass: Review

Are you tired of calorie counting diets? Nutritionist, weight loss expert and author of the Belly Fat Diet, Cynthia Sass has detailed a new 30-day weight loss plan that does

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Change your Diet in Menopause: Simple Ways to do so

The average ten pound gain during menopause can be averted with some changes in diet and lifestyle. Here are some suggestions to make it easy. Weight gain during menopause is

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Lower Cholesterol with Five Easy Diet Changes

Small changes in a daily diets\ can add up to make a huge difference in health, specifically in lowering cholesterol. The lower the LDL, or bad cholesterol, the lower the

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Go Green With the Alkaline Diet

Many people are discovering the benefits of an alkaline diet and the importance of eating more green foods. The principle of the alkaline diet is to increase the volume of

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The Diet of King Henry VIII

Life at the Royal Court during Henry VIII’s reign was very hectic and regimental. There were up to one thousand people who attended the monarch. All parts of court life

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My Results on the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet has become very controversial. With its 500 calorie intake many doctors have warned against this diet. But, the results, as Doctor Doctor Oz points out, are showing