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Exercise And Safety For Beginners

Keeping fit and active is the number one best way to stay healthy, and exercising is not only good for the way you look, it’s great for the way you


Dermagen IQ Review & Expert Lift IQ Review

Many women constantly look for a new way to take care of those skin imperfections such as wrinkles and blemished. The problem is that many of these facial cremes and

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6 exercises to help get rid of back pain

Getting Rid of Your Backpain Many people are scared of doing a hardcore workout due to one thing, and that thing is lower back pain. It’s not necessarily that the

Diet Weight Loss

Can Chocolate Help With Weight Loss?

This is great news for chocoholics. Based on a study, eating chocolates regularly somehow helps people to be skinnier compared to those who do not give themselves the benefit of

Diet Health

Diet Soda and Your Overall Health

Diet soda — is it good or bad? Find out from this article how this diet drink can affect your overall health. How Sodas Affect Health Many studies confirm the

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Obese Kids on Diet

Some kids need to lose those extra pounds. If this sounds like your child, then read on to find some help. There is a study that shows what type of

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Is High-Fructose Corn Syrup Bad?

High-fructose corn syrup has been involved in a controversy that questions its impact on people’s health. How good or bad is it really when compared to other known sweeteners, such


The Potential Impact of Nanoparticles on Your Health

People ingest trillions of nanoparticles everyday. What are nanoparticles anyway? How do these particles affect our health? The Cornell University and Binghamton University researchers mentioned that people are affected by

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Vegetarian alimentation PART 2

Moreover, with over ten years ago, dr. Ornish has demonstrated that the vegetarian feeding, very low in fat, can lead to atheroma plaque reduction in patients schedule for the bypass

Diet Health Nutrition

Vegetarian alimentation PART 1

In Germany, weekly, 4,000 people quit eating meat, entering the vegetarians camp. When it comes to exclusively vegetarian diets, some fear that this way of nutrition will diminish the physical strength and