The 17 Day Diet Book and DVD

The 17 Day Diet Book and DVD

There is an enormous response to The 17 Day Diet as a result of the media push from shows like The Doctors and Dr. Phil. So, what gets folks so psyched up about The 17 Day Diet?

The 17 Day Diet Plan

Dr. Mike, author of the program says it’s the way the information is packaged and presented that is new! Agreed, The 17 Day Diet is delivered in a way that addresses both the psychology and physiology of weight loss to help dieters lose weight fast and keep it off.

The 17 Day Diet appeals to people, and it says, ‘Hey, you can lose 10 to 12 pounds in just 17 days!’ That really gets folks psyched up!

The psychology of the approach and the packaging of dietary information put a new spin on how people think about weight loss. Losing 20, 30 or 100 pounds can be a daunting thought, but The 17 Day Diet psychologically prepares people to tackle weight loss in small manageable bite sizes!

The 17 Day Diet has a new spin on the physiology of weight loss too. Dr. Mike explains that the repetition involved in traditional diets actually hinders weight loss. The 17 Day Diet plan allows dieters to change food options and carbohydrate intake every 17 days eliminating the repetition which leads to boredom and plateaus. Dr. Mike has coined this process ‘body confusion’ and believes this is the essential to weight loss success.

Of course, you will be working toward eliminating refined sugars, alcohol and processed foods and increasing your consumption of water and natural foods on this diet too!

The 17 Day Diet and Rapid Weight Loss Research

New research findings reveal both short and long term advantages to rapid weight loss. Dieters in the rapid weight loss group had greater weight loss and long term weight loss maintance and are not more at risk for regaining weight than dieters who lost weight a slower rate.

The 17 Day Diet makes rapid weight loss an option and bases the program on promising new clinical research outcomes. A clinical study published in The International Society of Behavioral Medicine indicates that losing weight rapidly may be the key to keeping it off.

The 17 Minute Workout

Is it hard to get psyched up about exercise? Yes, for a lot of people the thought of exercise is painful!

But, losing weight and keeping it off is not accomplished by diet alone, exercise is vital to success. Dr. Mike has produced the ‘17 Minute Workout DVD’ to accompany the diet plan.

Critics may argue that 17 minutes of exercise is inadequate and ill advised. However, as the author, Dr. Mike explains people with sedentary lifestyles may benefit by starting an exercise program with shorter sessions.

It is easier to get psyched up about an exercise program when you know you can start with just 17 minutes. The 17 Minute Workout takes a problem that at first blush appears overwhelming to the average Joe or Josie; working out for 60 minutes per day and breaks that into manageable 17 minute blocks of time.

Actually, there is about 60 minutes of workout included in the DVD package. The 17 minute workouts focus on abs, gluts, full body and arms and are designed to accommodate a full body, 60 minute workout when done in its entirety.

Where to Purchase ‘The 17 Day Diet’ Book

You may purchase the book for $21.50 and ‘The 17 Minute Workout’ for $12.00 or both for $29.00 at The 17 Day Diet website.

Wait! You may have a chance to win a free copy of The 17 Day Diet to jump start your weight loss plan.

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