WORMWOOD (Artemisia absinthium) – VERY BITTER, BUT IT’S WORTH IT

WORMWOOD (Artemisia absinthium) – VERY BITTER, BUT IT’S WORTH IT

It is among the most powerful plants currently used in phytotherapy having very intense and complex therapeutic effects. Wormwood acts as a powerful stimulant of digestion, as a nervous tonic, as detoxifying (the bitter substances in its composition intensifiesa lot its mobilization and elimination process of toxins from the body) and as regulator of hormonal activity. It is among the most efficient plants used against intestinal digestive parasites. If we would only take its action for combating indigestion, its powerful febrifuge effect, eliminating digestive parasites or stimulate the appetite and the state of weakness elimination in recovering, and would be sufficient to determine us to have this plant permanently in our pharmacy house.


INTERNAL: gastrointestinal mucosal inflammatory –good, antiasthenic -strong, cholagogue -strong (promotes bile secretion), diuretic -medium, detoxifying (help remove toxic substances from the body) –strong, emmenagogue -good (prolonged administration in large doses causes delayed menstrual flow), digestive stimulant (causes  gastric juices secretion), promotes brain activity,  laxative –weak, (acts mainly by stimulating the gallbladder and enhancing peristalsis), stimulates the resistance at the external attacks on the body, febrifuge -good, stomachic -strong, very bitter tonic –very strong, vermifuge -very strong and with broad-spectrum.

EXTERNAL: anti-candidiasis –strong, anti-inflammatory -medium, vermifuge -strong (as enema).


INTERNAL: – intestinal worms – powder. It will be used in parallel as enema. The maximum effect is achieved in most parasitic diseases if associate wormwood with southern wood (Artemisia abrotanum) and pyrethrum(Pyretrum cinerrarifolium). – protozoan giardia lambria infections – powder. – lack of gastric acidity – powder taken 15 minutes before meals. – Anorexia (short course), convalescence anorexia, state of intellectual overwork, mental and physical fatigue – a quarter of powder dose (a knife peak) before meal.- hypo acid gastritis, gastric atonia, digestive diseases with gastric hypotonia – cold macerate administered 3 times per day, 10 minutes before main meals – dyspepsia with constipation – combined infusion- fever, flu – combined infusion or cold macerate. Take 3-6 teaspoons per half an hour. It reduces the fever, eliminates headaches, vertigo and vomiting sensation. – chronic inflammation of the digestive system – combined infusion.- various poisoning – after was given first aid by the qualified medical staff, combined infusion of wormwood is administered as adjuvant: 1 liter per day.- fatigue, mental slowness, memory disorder- powder. Administer in 2-3 cures for 2 weeks with 2 weeks off between. – vomiting sensation – cold macerate – powder, dysmenorrhea due to the psychological intense stress – powder. Wormwood is administered in combination with ginger powder. A course of one week greatly strengthens the uterus and female genitals and promotes the period restarting.

OTHER INTERNAL USE: In traditional medicine the wormwood is used with good results in the treatment of: malaria (fever), common cold and flu, pneumonia, rheumatism, paralysis, hypertension.

EXTERNAL: – candidiasis, atrophic vaginitis – lavage with super-concentrated combined infusion (3 tablespoons in a cup water) – hemorrhoids – sitz baths or lavage with combined infusion. Reduces inflammation, promotes healing if bleeding and reduce the risk of over-infection. If bleeding hemorrhoids is better to associate with yarrow:- wormwood combined infusion enemas and sitz baths.- purulent wounds – cataplasm.


The powder – finely ground the plant with an electric coffee grinder,  then sieve through a flour sifter. Take, usually, 1 teaspoon 4 times per day on an empty stomach. The powder is put under the tongue for 10-15 minutes, then swallow with water. The powder can not be preserved longer than 10 days because it alters its properties.

The combined infusion (prescription for 250 ml.) – leave a teaspoon of wormwood powder to soak in a half a cup of water from evening to morning, when is filtered; keep the macerate, and scald the remaining powder in a half a cup of hot water for 20 minutes, then allow it to cool; combine the two extracts; drink the preparation with a quarter of an hour before meal. Dose – 3 cups per day.

Super-concentrated combined infusion – is for external use only and is prepared just like the previous presented with the difference that will be more concentrated: 2-3 tablespoons of the plant instead of a teaspoon.

Cataplasm – finely ground the plant with an electric coffee grinder, then mix in a bowl with warm water until is formed a paste that is placed in a gauze and applied on the affected area.


Consumed abusively (over 15 grams per day) wormwood causes hallucinations, convulsions, unconsciousness, even death. Abusive drinking of wormwood causes mental disorders, memory loss, nausea, trembling. Therefore, the treatment with wormwood will not be more than 2 weeks continuously, followed by 2 weeks of break.


Pregnant women (has abortifacient effect), breastfeeding women, patients with serious mental and nervous illness or during acute phase, acute intestinal illness.

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