If there is a plant that worth the title of “panacea”  then surely it is chamomile. With their unmistakable aroma and delicate appearance, its small white flowers are looming very good the calming effects, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-allergic and light sedative effects of chamomile. Too… trivial to be taken seriously by some therapists, chamomile is still a remedy without equal in treating certain disorders such as allergy (has strong anti-histamines effects), some forms of hyper-acidic gastritis (especially in nervous and irritable people), colic and restlessness in young children and infants, premenstrual disorders or those related to the first months of pregnancy. This herb, which we find in all, herbal shops, pharmacies and even in supermarkets, and a monograph with dozens of pages could be a devoted to it being intensely studied by scientists. We offer a summary of its main properties and therapeutic uses.


INTERNAL: analgesic -weak, anti-allergic -gentle and strong (blocking the action of histamine), diarrhea –weak-medium, antineuralgic –medium-weak, calming -generaly gentle (very efficient in repeated doses), anti-inflammatory -strong, antiseptic -generally medium-weak, respiratory antiseptic -medium-weak, antispasmodic –general-medium, genital and intestinal antispasmodic -weak, antitoxic -weak, antiulcer -medium, gastric and intestinal soothing -good (including children and infants), carminative –medium, protector and good curative in reactions produced by irradiation, slightly reduces the fever, decreases gastric secretions,  nervous sedative -light, stimulant -weak, perspiration -medium.

EXTERNAL: enables epithelialization and tissue granulation after burns, anti-allergic -strong, anti-histamine -strong, anti-inflammatory –very strong, genital anti-inflammatory, general calming, (baths), good skin calming (reduces pain, itching and burn sensation), cosmetic (cleanses the skin), capillary tonic (strengthens the root and the hair, gives shine; very effective for blonde and brown hair), normalize the skin metabolism.


INTERNAL: allergic reactions, chills – as a first aid remedy is  administered hot infusion (which it has the fastest effects). For general treatment is administered powder: 4-6 teaspoons per day.- skin allergic reactions (hives) – combined infusion. In parallel is given  external treatment with chamomile cataplasm on the affected areas.- the areas of acute or chronic inflammatory condition of the gastric mucosa, hyper- acid gastric, early phase ulcer, gastric irritation caused by the excessive use of aggressive medications, colitis occurring in connections with ulcer disease – powder or combined infusion. In some cases of persistent ulcer and gastritis is useful to associate with sweet calamus (Acorus Calamus) and comfrey (Symphytum officinalis) .- chronic catharrs of superior respiratory airway – powder. For greater efficiency associate chamomile powder with pansy (Viola tricolor) and mint (Mentha viridis) in equal proportions. Take a teaspoon of this mixture 4 times per day on an empty stomach. The strongest effects chamomile have are in asthma and bronchitis:- abdominal colic, abdominal spasms, colitis (adjuvant) – for fast antispasmodic and sedative effects of colic is administered hot infusion. For long-term treatment should be used the powder.- headaches and migraines (especially in the context of stress) – chamomile powder. If these problems are associated to bile disorders is highly effective the combination of chamomile in equal proportions with artichokes (Cinara scolymus) or wormwood (Arthemisa abrotanum) .- colic in children and infants – combined chamomile infusion is administered. – nervousness or agitation, nightmares in children and infants – combined chamomile infusion. – nausea during pregnancy – take chamomile powder – a teaspoon 2-3 times per day, especially before main meals.- inflammation of various etiologies, especially of mucous membranes – chamomile combined infusion up to 1 liter per day.

If possible, make a chamomile cataplasm external treatment, wash or, where appropriate, the the location of the inflammatory process, super-concentrated combined infusion enemas insomnia (adjuvant), nervous irritability – powder.- premenstrual irritability, painful menstruation, menstrual disorders (dysmenorrhea) – to combat cramps and pain in the genital area during menses will be administered hot infusion (it has a fast soothing abdominal, antispasmodic and genital effect). The background therapy of these imbalances will be taken a combination of chamomile, sage (Salvia officinalis) and St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum). a teaspoon of this powder mixture is taken 4 times per day on an empty stomach.- hormone imbalances during puberty – will be taken a combination of chamomile, sage (Salvia officinalis) and shepherd’s purse (Capsella bursae-pastoris). a teaspoon of this powder mixture is taken 4 times per day on an empty stomach.- X-ray, alpha, beta, gamma irradiation – take chamomile powder, black tea (Thea sinensis) and st. Robert grass (Geranium robertianum) in equal proportions: a teaspoon of this mixture 6 times per day. Drink plenty of fluids (chamomile and mint infusion).

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