10 Great Winter Workouts

10 Great Winter Workouts

Running outdoors and exercising outside in general is a really great thing to do, because not only does it train your body to be better and stronger, but it also lets you get some fresh air too. One thing to remember when exercising outdoors is to always dress properly, and make sure that you aren’t exercising in temperatures or weather that is unsafe exercising in extreme cold can be quite unhealthy for your body, if not just downright dangerous.


The problem with working out in the winter is that most people just can’t bring themselves to do it because something about the cold and prolonged lack of daylight just makes people become less motivated. The trick is to remember that not only is being outdoors good for your body, but it can actually be really fun as well. If you find the right workout or exercises, then being outdoors can be a blast. Here are 10 outdoor winter exercises that you can do that are both fun and healthy too.


What needs to be taken into account is that these 10 winter exercises and workouts are all based on a 145 pound woman doing them. If you weigh more than 145 pounds or happen to be a man, then you will burn slightly more calories for each of these workouts. Also, no matter who you are, never forget to stretch and warm up before undertaking any serious exercise, because not stretching can lead to some serious injury.


Snowshoeing is a fantastic way to exercise in the snow, and it’s actually become a very popular winter sport. This is one of the most strenuous winter exercises at burns upwards of 510 calories per hour, this being because the snow adds big resistance while you are walking. Each step you take in the snow with snow shoes strains your legs more and more, and that makes it a great way to build leg muscles and work on your cardio too.


It doesn’t have to be warm outside for you to go on a nice long hike, and thanks to the extra resistance provided by the snow you can burn close to 450 calories per hour with nothing more than a simple winter walk. The deeper the snow is, the more calories you will burn due to the increased resistance and weight on your feet and legs.

Snow Shovelling

Ok, so this isn’t really an exercise, it’s more of a necessary evil that most people have to go through in order to use their walk way or to get the car out of the driveway. Sure, it’s one of those things that you just have to do when there’s a lot of snow, but you can turn it into exercise as well. All you have to do is push yourself harder and harder every time you shovel snow. Shovelling lots of snow can help you burn close to 400 calories per hour, and the more snow there is, the more calories you will burn.



Against all common sense, sliding down a hill on a sled can actually help you burn over 450 calories per hour. Not only is speeding down that big hill really fun, but walking back up it every time will work out your leg muscles and help work on your cardio as well; hill climbing is a fantastic way to get into shape, especially when done in intervals such as when sledding.

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