10 Great Winter Workouts 2

10 Great Winter Workouts 2


Skiing is a fantastic winter sport because it lets you get outdoors, see beautiful mountains, and go down a hill really fast too; it’s the perfect exercise for a speed freak! Skiing is great for your leg muscles as well as your core muscles too, because it takes a lot of strength to stay upright for a prolonged amount of time while going at a high speed and navigating frozen turns. The one thing that needs to be said about skiing is that it is quite an expensive winter sport to participate in. With just some simple skiing you can burn just under 400 calories per hour.



Ice skating is a great form of winter exercise because you can burn up to 450 calories per hour, this does of course depend on the intensity level of your skating routine, and whether you are just doing laps around the rink, playing hockey, or even doing figure skating. Whatever you are doing on the ice, skating helps trains your core and your leg muscles, and depending on where you live, you can do it inside or outside as well.



Skiing is great, but some people prefer snowboarding, and that’s fine because 1 hour of boarding can help you burn just under 400 calories per hour. It’s a really fun sport to participate in, and if you amp up the intensity level you can burn as much as 600 calories per hour; if you do a lot twists and turns, you will burn a lot of calories and train your abs too!

Skiing – Cross Country

Cross country skiing is great because it allows you to get a great cardio workout without participating in high-impact exercises that can be very bad for your bones and joints. Cross country skiing is of course a little harder and a little slower than downhill skiing, but it will also help you burn significantly more calories. Cross country is great for building endurance, cardio, leg muscles, and for your core as well, and at the end of the day you can burn up to 600 calories in 1 hour.


Hockey is fantastic for your health because it works out your cardio and your muscles at the same time; it’s a great cross training sport for sure. Not only that, but hockey is also a fantastic aerobic workout and will help improve hand-eye coordination as well. Playing hockey at an intermediate level can help you burn just under 400 calories per hour, and that’s just in a game; extra workouts will come in your training sessions too.


Broomball is pretty much like hockey, but instead of a puck you use a ball, an instead of a hockey stick you use a broom, not to mention that you wear rubber-soled shoes instead of ice skates. Broomball can help you burn up to 475 calories per hour and is a really great way to stay competitive but not risk the injury that comes with hockey. Team sports are also great because they help you meet new people and remain socially active.


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