Working Out In The Winter 2

Working Out In The Winter 2

Always Be Safe

Using the cold weather as an easy excuse to avoid your daily workout routine is not the right thing to do, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t heed the warnings of Mother Nature either. Working out in the extreme cold can be somewhat dangerous, and while working out is always important. You don’t want to endanger your physical health or even your life just because you feel the need to finish your workout. You need to layer up as mentioned before and you always need to pay attention to how cold it is, and that means checking your local weather forecast. Remember, working out is good, but not if it’s so cold that you are at risk of developing hypothermia or frostbite. Another safety precaution that is recommended when exercising in the cold is to always have a mobile phone with you in case anything happens.

No Excuses

There are of course those days on which it is just way too cold to go outside and workout, but that’s no excuse to skip your workout all together and just watch TV on your couch. For those days when going outside just isn’t feasible you need to have a good backup option, and that means working out indoors. If it’s not too cold, go out for your run or bike ride, and for the really cold days it’s a great idea to find some indoor exercises to do.

You can do indoor activities like stationary biking, running on a treadmill, do some weight and resistance training, or even do a circuit routine consisting of push-ups, sit-ups and other weight and equipment free exercises. Even if you don’t feel like exercising there are still plenty of winter activities or chores that work wonders in terms of melting away those calories; have you ever shovelled snow after a big snowfall? You don’t have to work out nearly as much if you just spent 2 hours shovelling 2 feet of snow out of your driveway!

Get Over Those Winter Blues

Winter blues may sound like some made up thing, but it’s really not. Many people suffer from mild depression, a lack of motivation, low energy, and bad sleeping habits during the winter months, and this is usually attributed to the extreme cold as well as a lack of sunlight. In the worst case scenario some people actually develop a form of clinical depression called seasonal affective disorder, in which case you should contact a health care professional to seek treatment.

Yet, you don’t have to let these winter blues take over, and there are plenty of things that you can do to combat them. For example, you can get a light machine that simulates sunlight in your home, which is a great way to get that much needed motivation. Other things that you can do to combat these winter blues are to just go outside and find something that you find fun, and even focusing on creating and maintaining a healthy diet for yourself can get your mind off of things as well.

Also, a great way to stay motivated to exercise is to find a workout buddy. Working out alone is never fun, especially if it’s really cold outside, but having someone with you to bear through the cold together always helps. Finally, you should set yourself some concrete goals and write them down, because having a set list of goals to look at will keep you motivated for sure.

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