A Weight Loss Plan with no Diet

A Weight Loss Plan with no Diet

Probably one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to healthy weight loss is the essential incorporation of a strict diet plan. In fact, many individuals believe that you cannot achieve body weight loss without a proper diet plan.

But there is good news for people who wish to maintain most of their present lifestyles. “Most” means that restrictions on calorie intake are still necessary but not to the same degree as with fitness weight loss. Unfortunately a lot of individuals are not aware of what’s known as the exercise diet. Like any weight loss plan, the exercise diet comes with significant challenges and might not suit everyone. Some may actually prefer to engage in quick weight loss using a diet plan instead.

Fitness Weight Loss and no Diet

It probably sounds much easier than what it really is, but the exercise diet can be a blessing for those who wish to undertake it. In order to carry out fitness weight loss, it is important to understand the biological cycles of the human body.

Such biological cycles refer to the seasons of the human body. That is, there are certain times when people tend to experience fat burning and subsequent body weight loss, just as surely as there are particular situations when individuals are more susceptible to packing on weight.

One needs to know their body and learn its seasons. For example, at a basic level, people tend to be more prone to weight gain in winter than in warmer months. This is because cold weather appears to stimulate appetite more than hotter climates.

The Exercise Diet and Weight Loss Plan

Timing is the key when it comes to the fitness diet. That is, when individuals work out, they should try to perform certain exercises in a particular order. For example, almost all people do cardio the moment they walk into the gym. It is understandable – and even logical – that one would perform cardio first because it’s lighter and is good for warming up.

However, it may be better to carry out a session of weight training, then cardio.

This is due to the greater portion of carbohydrates burned by the former exercise. Cardio significantly lowers the glycogen stores in muscles, thereby eradicating the development of muscle tone, leading to no increase in metabolism.

The exercise diet is a brilliant method of quick weight loss, provided that it is done properly and in conjunction with at least a fewer calories than normal in one’s diet per day.