The Reality of Sugar Addiction

The Reality of Sugar Addiction

Are you always craving for sweet treats? It’s possible that you are addicted to sugar. Read this article to know more about sugar addiction.

Most people like to eat something sweet after dinner. That’s normal. But if it’s a chronic sweet tooth then that’s a problem. Most Americans tend to crave for sweets as a result of constantly eating processed foods. Research shows that eating too much sugar is linked to type 2 diabetes, stroke, dementia and other health conditions.

What is too much when it comes to sugar intake?

Although individuals use up sugar at different rates, the American Heart Association has a recommended amount for sugar intake. Women can only have 6 teaspoons of extra sugar per day, which is less than what is added to a 12-oz soda. Men can have up to 9 teaspoons of added sugar per day.

The problem is that Americans consume way more than what is recommended. A survey in 2009 says that the average consumption of sugar by adults is 22 teaspoons per day. You need to know how much sugar you’re getting per serving of a food or drink by looking at the nutritional label on the product’s packaging.

Habit to Addiction

It starts with the habit of eating excess sugary foods, but it ends with not being able to control the cravings for sweets. Sugar addiction is real. Research on this type of addiction shows that the changes that happen in the brain chemicals after eating sugar is similar to what happens after having drugs. It’s terrible because constantly eating too much sugar results in addiction and then obesity.

The sugar that people are addicted to is not limited to the sweet stuff, such as candies and soda. The sugary foods also include the processed foods like ketchup and dressings as well as the white starchy foods like bread and pastas.

So, how do you know if your cravings for sweets is becoming unhealthy and you’re becoming addicted to it?

Types of Sugar Addicts

According to Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, the author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now, there are four types of persons who are addicted to sugar.

  • those who always feel tired and eat sugar to get a boost in energy
  • those who are very irritable when they have not eaten for a while and eat sugar for a snack
  • those who always crave for something sweet
  • those who have hormone imbalances and boost their mood with sugar

The amount of sugar that a person eats is not the telltale sign that he or she is a sugar addict. Sugar addicts exhibit the symptoms that are described in the bullet points above — tiredness, irritability, sugar cravings and hormone imbalances. So, knowing your type of sugar addiction can help you determine how to get treatment.

Tips for sugar addict treatment

If you often turn to a sweet treat to satisfy a craving or to boost your energy, here are some tips: drink more water and get rid of soda; eat a balanced meal and get more rest and sleep.
If you turn to sugar because of stress, here’s what you need to do. Identify your source of stress and take care of it.
If you turn to sugar because of a hormonal imbalance, then you need to talk to a doctor and maybe get a hormone therapy or hormone supplement.

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