The Nutrisystem Diet

The Nutrisystem Diet

Diet and lifestyle are one of the most prevalent topics discussed everywhere from the doctors office to the water cooler at work. Everyone is thinking about how to look and feel better, so why shouldn’t there be options for everyone’s nutritional and economic status? One of the most popular and widely advertised diets is the Nutrisystem Diet.

The Nutrisystem Diet

Nutrisystem is a 28 day diet plan that delivers breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert right to the customer’s door. An individual can choose from a monthly diet of preselected favorites based on individual nutritional needs or handpick their own meals. Each meal is a balanced and perfectly portioned for the individual’s caloric needs, frozen and delivered to their home. The program recommends that fresh snacks like fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy items are purchased separately.


When the program is purchased, free resources are available. Personalized counseling and the Mindset Makeover are sources of information and encouragement, while the results kit (meal planner and dining out/restaurant guide) helps to motivate and and guide a person while they navigate a dietary transition.

For Men and Women

Men and women have different caloric requirements, so when a person registers for Nutrisystem they are offered to choose from the Men’s or Women’s plan. At that point they can also choose from the Silver plan for 65 years of age and older or the Vegetarian plan for meat free options. There is also a Diabetic plan that offers low-glycemic meal options. The newest plan option is the Family plan that saves $50 on food and delivery and offers exclusive deals.

Pros of Nutrisystem

The most important and most popular aspect of the Nutrisystem Diet is that it is easy. Once the initial registration is final and food choices are make, there is nothing left to do. The food is portioned out and sent to the customer. No thought has to go into what and when to eat, it is all planned out.

Nutrisystem is also convenient. There is not need to run to the store or worry about packing lunch and cooking dinner. It is made and delivered. All a person has to do is heat it up. There is also a sense of finality. Once paid for and the food is there, it has to be eaten or it goes to waste.

Cons of The Nutrisystem Diet

Nutrisystem can be expensive. If a tight budget is a reality it is likely that food shopping is a challenge in itself, but coupons and sales are a good way to cut back. Pre-priced, no budge diets may not be feasible.

When there is a definitive idea of what’s on the menu for days and weeks in advance, the diet can feel restrictive even if it really isn’t. Variety is the spice of life, after all. For some people the convenience of the plan will feel limited.

Just like anything else in life, a diet must be comfortable for the individual. There are many on the market and Nutrisystem is perfect for some and terrible for others. Use this information and visit the Nutrisystem website to make an informed decision.

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