The Harmful Effects of Drinking Soda on Kids’ Health

The Harmful Effects of Drinking Soda on Kids’ Health

Do teens who drink soda really become violent? There are studies that say there is a link between aggressive behavior and drinking too much soda.

Drinking too much soda is known to cause cavities and weight gain. Now, the journal Injury Prevenion says that soda may also cause violent behavior.

A study was conducted to study the behavior of 1,878 high school students in Boston. The researchers found that the students who had at least 5 fizzy non-diet soda drinks per week had a greater tendency to become violent to family memebers and friends, smoke cigarette and drink alcohol compared to those who drank less soda per week.

Parents are concerned about this news. Although there’s no doubt that soda isn’t healthy, but to think that it can affect emotional health is alarming. Should parents be really worried?

Facts about drinking soda and kid’s health

More research is necessary

The link between soda and aggression still needs further studies. Could there be other underlying factors in the child’s life that may be pushing him to drink more soda and be more violent? Perhaps poverty or lack of parental guidance?

Drinking soda puts the child’s health at risk

This study simply nails the truth that children should not drink soft drinks. This is a wakeup call for parents to limit their child’s soda intake. Why? It puts the child’s health at risk of diabetes and obesity.

According to studies, drinking sodas regularly contribute to the likelihood of child obesity as well as diabetes down the road. Aside from these health problems, sodas also contain acid that cause the destruction of tooth enamel and development of cavities. Adults are not exempted from the ill effects of sugary sodas as it may cause the loss of calcium via the urine and most likely osteoporosis.

Poor diet contributes to poor mental health

The culprit in the kid’s mental condition is not only soda. Studies suggest that a poor diet consisting mainly of highly processed foods and less fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein can lead to mood problems and anxiety. These things need more research, but it’s definite that diet is important to physical and mental health.

Some sodas contain caffeine

Sodas are not only loaded with sugar, but some also contain caffeine, that may have an effect on kid’s sleeping pattern and behavior.

Kids can have soda occasionally but definitely not everyday. Non-soda sugary drinks like fruit juices and lemonade should also be avoided because they offer very little nutritional value, just more refined sugar.

How to regulate your kid’s soda drinking

Parents should begin this effort at home. Give healthier alternative drinks to your children. Give water and plenty of milk, knowing that their calcium requirements increase as they grow up. Don’t buy a lot of sugary drinks, so you don’t keep stocks at home.

If your teen is already drinking soda as a habit, help him switch to other sugar-free drinks like seltzer. Do your best to motivate him or her as well by introducing some sort of incentive if he or she cuts back.

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