The Essentials of Proper Nutrition

The Essentials of Proper Nutrition

Living a healthy life requires having the proper nutrition. What you eat affects how your body feels.

The saying “you are what you eat” is true. When you follow a healthy diet, you will feel good and your body will have all the energy it needs. But if you munch on junk foods, your body will suffer poor health. It will not have the energy it needs and it will be bogged down with fatigue. You need to understand that your dietary choices have a direct impact on your health.

Importance of Nutrition

Disease Prevention

The human body needs to have the right nutrients from food. When people take this need for granted, the body suffers from illnesses. An example is the story of the sailors who crossed the ocean for many months without getting proper nutrition. Because they lacked vitamin C that is easily available from citrus fruits, they developed scurvy. Vitamins and minerals are essential in keeping the body healthy and strong, so be sure to have the recommended daily allowance of these substances.

Efficient Body Functions

All the nutrients that go into your body have their own functions. Some become food for the brain; others fuel the muscles so the body has energy to work. The vitamins and minerals, or so-called micronutrients, maintain the normal functioning of the body.

To ensure that your body stays healthy and functioning well, give it the essential nutrients. Eat a wide array of nutritious foods.

The Basic Nutrition Guidelines

Considering the important role of nutrition in the lives of people, the U.S. Department of Agriculture did extensive research and came up with the food pyramid and daily food recommendations to help people adopt healthy eating habits. Through these resources, people are able to better understand the nutrients that are essential for healthy living.

Food is not just for filling in the stomach, so that a person will not feel hungry. It is a source of essential nutrients that enable the body to function very well. Studies show that with proper nutrition, people lower their risk to certain diseases.

Dealing with Poor Health

By eating the right types of foods, a person can have a healthy heart. Eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and foods with unsaturated fats. Avoid foods with trans fats and saturated fats, which are bad for your heart. Doing so protects your heart against high blood pressure and other heart diseases.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking your deficiency in nutrients, no matter how small the amount is, because it can negatively affect your health. One example is iron deficiency, which is becoming a common health problem in the United States. Girls and women need dietary iron to replace the iron lost during their monthly menstruation period. Infants, kids and teens also need iron for optimum growth.

Calcium is another nutrient that is very important to maintaining strong bones and teeth. Deficiency in calcium can result in osteoporosis, which is the condition associated with weak, brittle bones.

To be sure that your body gets the appropriate nutrients, pay attention to what you eat and make sure that it includes a variety of healthy foods. All the nutrients that go into your body have their purpose and help each part of the body, big or small, to function as it should be.

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