Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

Many people are concerned about having white teeth. Either they choose an inexpensive teeth whitening treatment at home or go to a certified dentist. People who are yearning for pearly whites sometimes consider options like gels, toothpastes and chemical treatments using hydrogen peroxide.

Some use strips saturated in a particular solution while others brush their teeth using a specific formulation to whiten their teeth. People who can afford it opt to have their teeth bleached by a dental professional.

Do you wish to learn how teeth whitening systems could whiten teeth? Are over-the-counter teeth whitening products seriously effective in getting rid of tooth enamel discolorations? This post will look at various teeth whitening alternatives on the market.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

The reasons for disgusting dark teeth include the following causes:

  • Drinking coffee or tea
  • Tobacco use
  • Drinking caffeinated sodas
  • Staining due to using Tetracyline and other antibiotics
  • Damage to the teeth
  • Aging


Teeth Whitening Options

Employ tooth whitening toothpastes to manage minor discolorations caused by drinking coffee and tea. It is also ideal for people who have had pro teeth whitening procedure before as a follow-up procedure in the home. Typically, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are ingredients of these whitening toothpastes.

You can buy home bleaching kits at just about any local drugstore. These consist of a mouth tray plus gel formula. Using these kits involve soaking the teeth in the solution for not less than ten minutes. Though these have obtained positive results, they’re not totally approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). If utilizing a home teeth whitening package, be sure to follow the instructions strictly and do not go beyond the approved quantity.

There is also a dentist prescribed kind of teeth whitening system that uses the mouth tray with gel. This is considerably better than home teeth whitening kits mainly because your dental practitioner could follow up on your progress and double check you to be certain your prior dental work is not affected.

The power of Power Bleaching pertains to the level of hydrogen peroxide. Newer teeth whitening toothpastes have hydrogen peroxide strength up to 10 %. Yet nearly all over-the-counter products contain below one percent.

When it comes to OTC teeth whitening kits, the hydrogen peroxide strength is 10 -16 percent whilst for a Power Bleaching formula, the strength is up to 35 %. The use of a high strength of hydrogen peroxide is only carried out in the dental clinic with the associated usage of bright lights. The results are remarkable and last for several years. If you’re thinking of Power Bleaching, contact your dental practitioner for recommendations.

For long-lasting teeth whitening, veneers are a favorite method. This method doesn’t entail using chemical substances. Veneers are basically made from porcelain and are affixed to the tooth. It could be a costly treatment though, priced at about $900 or higher per tooth.

Don’t have any teeth whitening technique without conferring with your dental practitioner first. Also, when making use of any product or service, adhere to instructions fully.

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